Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feel The Steam With Trinity Blacio

"Stand Back!" and welcome Romance Author Trinity Blacio for the FIRST Author Interview here at The Lovestruck Novice!!! (Thanks, Trinity!)

I've been "lurking" in this melting pot of writers for some time now and have come to realize- there is a lot to the Romance World! When a novice says, "I want to be a romance writer," someone better ask, "Duh, what kind?"

Why? Because out of any other genre, romance has the HEAT factor! And it's a BIG One, oh...yeah! A big one!

It was an awesome priveledge to chat with the spicy and sometime sweet romance author, Trinity Blacio. I geared the interview toward questions that may run through the minds of other new writers. Plus, I'm sure there are some readers interested in what makes Trinity's stories so smokin' hot.

A great example is Trinity's latest steamy book Dangerous Possessions: The Claiming which is due out mid-2009 from Siren Publishing. The bookcover was so stinkin' H-O-T-T, I opted to save monitors from melting! (Yes, that steamy!) Here is an quick teaser of what this spicy Menage book will treat readers to.

Driven to form an alliance, Werewolf Hoyt and Demon Chax put aside their differences in order to protect the one woman that can complete them. It never crossed their minds that lovely Tabatha would fight against their claim until they forced the issue and drove her into their dangerous embrace.

Now, with that tasty morsel still on your tastebuds, sit back and enjoy learning a little more about Trinity Blacio...

1)How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for about seven years stories, but I’ve written articles for genealogy magazines and other newspapers on and off.

2) Tell us a little about what genres you write?

Mostly Erotic but I do have a Sweet Romance out at Freya’s Bower in an Anthology. I’d like to branch out soon I have a sci-fi type romance coming that’s been sitting on the back burner.

3) What is the draw that pulls you to write Erotica and Ménage? An influential author? Secret fantasy?

OHHH you’re getting to the secrets! Hmm I guess it’s both. I’ve read many authors who write Ménage and loved them, but I’ve always had a secret wish to try it once. (Oh my, Oh my!)

4)How do you create your characters? Is it the hero or the heroine that speaks to you?

Usually my ideas come in the forms of dreams, music or tv. Sometimes even from reading other authors stories. Most of the time my hero’s talk to me more than the heroine. Always could talk to males better than females.

5) What would you describe yourself as? a ‘By the Seat of Your Pants’ writer or a ‘Plotter?’

This is easy! I'm a by the seat of your pant’s writer, but I have been trying to do the plot thing with my Sci-fi so we will see if it works.
6) I have to ask...When writing one of your sizzling love scenes, are you giggling like a school girl or wrapped up in the moment?

Very wrapped up in the moment. I try to put myself in that position than the writing takes off.
7) For all the Newbies reading this...Trinity, do you have a funny story or an ‘Oopsie Moment’ from when you were first starting out?

Yes, I joined a critiqued group I knew nothing about or who they were. I sent out one chapter to them and they destroyed me. The things they said I didn’t think I would write again because of it. But then I met Ava James and she is my cheering squad, critique partner and friend. So find a friend out there and stick by her or him. It’s almost like a buddy system but closer.

8) As a writer, what was the best advice you were ever given?

Keep going no matter what!!! Faith Bicknell-Brown hammers that in my head every day!!!

9)What is your opinion on E-publishing vs. Traditional publishing?
I chose e-publishers because they are easier for me to connect to. I would like to have a print book, but I’m just as happy being an e-book author. E-books will be the main source of books soon. (I couldn't agree more!)

10) What’s ‘Hot Off the Plate’ for you?
I have four new stories coming out this year so far. Two with Freya’s Bower one being a ménage. One at Siren which you can now pre-order!!!! One at Red Rose Publishing .

Thank you, Trinity for taking time out of your busy schedule to come on over and hang with new kid! And THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by today. Way to show support for your fellow writers!

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Emma Lai said...

Great interview ladies! Nice questions Sarah! Trinity, your stories sound HOT!

Lisa Griffin said...

Very nice interview Trinity. I enjoyed it. Good luck with your new releases!! :)

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Emma and Lisa!

Jasmine Black said...

Nice interview for your first one. Not bad at all.

Trinity, the same thing happened to me when I posted my first chapter on a critique group. They ate me alive. But when you find the right critique partners, their like babysitters-You never give out their name or number. hehe. I couldn't live without mine.

Adelle Laudan said...

Great interview ladies. It's always fun getting to know our friends online a little better.

Faith said...

Wow, found my name mentioned again, lolol. Big hugs to you girl. And I wish you loads of sales with your new release.

Anthology Authors said...

You secretly want to do menage? (grin) Yeah, I caught that remark. ;) I had a guy approach me once about doing a menage with him and another woman. I turned him down. It was more of an ego thing with him, and I wasn't so interested in sharing. (grin)

Cari Quinn said...

Great interview! I love finding new authors. :) Best of luck with Dangerous Possessions, Trinity!

Kaye Manro said...

This is a good interview, Sarah! You really do this well. And good luck to Trinity! Sorry I'm late to the party!

I meant to put you on my bloglist-- is that okay with you? I see you have two blogs you keep up, Sarah. Which one do you want me to list?

Helen Hardt said...

I'm totally late to the party -- sorry about that! It was great getting to know you, Trinity. I look forward to exploring your work!


Sarah Simas said...

Thanks Ladies for stopping by! You gals are so fabulous!