Monday, May 18, 2009

One Night In Bangkok and Romance is Your Oyster- Get THAI'D UP With Helen Hardt!

Need a little something to make your work week sizzle?

No, I'm not talking about the rising thermostat out here in the West! I'm talking about Helen Hardt's new release THAI'D UP being served up May 22nd!!!

What better way to celebrate than a pre-release side-dish THAI'D UP style!

No need to book a flight to Bangkok to sample the pleasures of the city, Helen's steamy tale of love and incognito is bound to satisfy your craving.

You certainly won't need Tamarind Chicken Curry kick your senses up a notch- just take a taste of the yummy teaser below!


Visiting Bangkok to do an interview for her employer, Heidi Clarke is intrigued by the wild and raucous nightlife. When a handsome and engaging stranger, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, offers to escort her into a BDSM club, she's too curious to refuse. As the man behind the mask introduces Heidi to new and exciting pleasures of the flesh, she can't help but wonder who he is. Or if she really wants to know.

Hungry for more? Then head on over to The Wild Rose Press on Friday, May 22nd and get THAI'D UP!!! You're bound to have a good time!

How about a little Thai to whet your whistle while waiting for THAI'D UP's release! Click here!

Want some Bangkok flavor 80's style? Click Here


Kaye Manro said...

We are all waiting for this one... Good luck Helen!

And nice intro, Sarah! I love the way you linked to recipes. Good idea...

Cari Quinn said...

Great to see you spotlighting Helen and Thai'd Up, Sarah! It's one of my favorite stories of Helen's and I'm so glad it's being released on Friday! :)

Oh, and I've always loved One Night in Bangkok, too. Terrific song!

Helen Hardt said...

Sarah, you're a gem! Thank you for the spotlight. This one got ahead of me, LOL. And I love the food references!