Monday, December 28, 2009


Kreative Blogger Awards!

My good peep, Emma Lai, tickled my fancy with this super-cute blog award! How cool is that?!

As per the rules I must dish up seven juicy tidbits about myself. Don't worry, I'll keep it PG, in case my mom pops in. Hey, I can't just go ratting myself out now. Poor lady thinks I have a halo . . .little does she know it's held up by horns!

So, here's way more than you'd ever want to know about little ole Que Sarah, Sarah!

7) I once rear-ended a parked city bus (don't ask- long story.)

6) I once asked a group of firemen if they needed a live CPR dummy.

5) In sixth grade, I read Clear and Present Danger for a book report.

4) I am a HUGE germaphobe! (hey, I used to work microbiology lab! Don't touch hand rails, people! They are a germ-ridden minefield!

3) As a final exam in one of my college classes, I had to artifically inseminate a cow. (I'll let you ruminate on that one . . .)

2) I adore Triple H from the WWE. He is my dream cover model. (I like 'em beefy!)

1) My dream car is a Shelby Cobra. (Vrroom ,vrroom, baby!)

Ok, enough with the E! True Hollywood story! It's time to pass the torch. Here are seven of my fellow bloggers who deserve a Kreative Blog Award for all of their hard work!

1)Debra Kayn- because her posts are fun and entertaining

2) Nicole McCaffrey- she's got a beautiful blog and pays it forward

3) Reviews By Martha's Bookshelf- a truly fantastic review site!

4) Kaye Manro- because she's always dishing up good information

5) Lindsay Townsend- she keeps things fresh and lively

6) June Rodriguez- works hard to make the Friday Night Write blog fly

7) Between The Pages- my latest find and one darn good site!

I'll be very interested in getting the scoop on these Bloggin' Babes! Remember ladies, seven random facts and then pass it along to seven other bloggers! This is going to be good!


Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Sarah, for the award! I'm thrilled. I love your numbers 6 and 3 from your own list!

Fun post!

Cheers and here's wishing you a very happy 2010!


Emma Lai said...


I once hit a parked car with my hubby's parked car. Think on that. The real question though is did the firefighters take you up on your offer! :)

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Lindsay!

Thanks for all you do for your fellow writers!

Happy New Year to you, too! :)

Sarah Simas said...

Emma, Emma!!

I think you win, lady! LOL One thing I forgot to add to my list was that I CAN'T parallel park to save my friggin' life!! Hubs is always hollering about the marks on the tires from my curbage problems. :)

Sadly, no. But man, oh, man, did they laugh. They were definitely shocked. It was funny. I worked at a hardware store and they would come in and walk around in uniform. They were the highlight of the day to all the females in the stores! LOL

Debra Kayn said...

What a terrific surprise! Thank you, Sarah!! Rear ending a bus...oh gosh, mine's worse. *cough* I'll post it on my blog later when I do my seven. It'll make you feel better. lol

Thanks, sweetie!

Sarah Simas said...

This I gotta see, Debra!!

My family has yet to let me live that down! Good thing it was just a love tap. The bus driver after making sure I was OK and there wasn't any damage, laughed his head off. LOL

MitMoi said...

Heh - I was just telling someone your "hitting the bus" story the other day! :)

I'm almost a week late - but Merry Christmas. Hope you and P can spend NYE together - doing something wonderful - maybe without the family.


ps: You have got to check out this blog. I think you'll like it. She's a romance writer AND a cowgirl up in Montana .

susan said...

Really enjoyed reading the comments and I guess we all have funny stories we can share now but at the time they were not so funny. I hope to get to know all of you better in 2010..I am getting over my shyness to chat. ha ha I was never one who didn't have something to say but chat rooms were tough to get over. I am doing much year at this time you all ill be asking me to shut up. ha ha susan L.