Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning News

Why is it that weekdays drag along like my kids when I ask them to pick up their rooms and then the weekend flies by as if it were a dream??

I wish I could wave a magic wand and *Poof* make the weekend another two days longer!

Friday night started off with a kick. My CP's and I had a wonderful night of treats, coffee, and lively discussion. One of the big topics was the fact that each of us write a different genre and the complications that brings. For instance, Dori writes Thrillers, while June and I both write romance, but June is a Western kind of gal and I'm partial to Regencies. Both are romances and yet a completely different kettle of fish. See where I'm going with this?

You can click on over to see how we're going to try to bridge the gap between our genres and catch up on the rest of our night:
Friday Night Write

Saturday was awesome! I carpooled to the Yosemite Romance Writers meeting with two of my good writer friends, June and Sharon. It's such a blast spending time with like-minded people. Sure my family and non-writer friends will listen to me babble about writing- but only for so long and then their eyes kind of glass over! So, I definitely savor every single minute of my time hanging out with other writers. Talk about a fantastic way to rekindle the fires of ambition!

This month's speaker was my carpool buddy and dear friend, Sharon Lathan, author of The Darcy Sagas from Sourcebooks. She gave a wonderful talk on the value of branding and building a platform. The information was all inclusive and she even talked a little about what happens after you sign the contract. I can't rave enough about how much I enjoyed her segment! (yeah, I know, I'm not exactly unbiased, but oh well! lol It rocked!)

One of the points Sharon touched on that rang true for me was the value of starting a blog and getting into the mix. I've made some wonderful friends and gained a lot of knowledge from blogging and chatting in yahoo loops. The time spent networking is not time wasted, but like everything needs to be done in moderation. After all, the ultimate goal is to FINISH YOUR BOOK!

Sunday was spent wrapped in the joys of domestic tranquility. NOT! I wasted an afernoon elbowing my way through the crowds at the grocery store, waiting FOREVER in line, and then having to load my purchases into my vehicle in the pouring rain. Argh! Definitely not as fun as Friday and Saturday!

How was your weekend? What did or didn't you get done? Anyone else go to their RWA meeting? Spill it, partner! After all, it is MOANday!!! lol


Sharon Lathan said...


Yep, that is the mantra. :)

I am glad some of my ramblings helped, Sarah. It was wonderful to share my hard-won experience with the group. But, I am glad it is over! Public speaking is not my favorite thing!

See ya soon, sweetie. Sharon

Rebecca Rose said...

OMG Sarah, I totally understand! First I went 5 days without a voice last week, much to my family's happiness. Then Friday after the doctors we did Girl Scouts and sleep. My teenager has a HUGE project due tomorrow. Originally it was a month long project put the computer crashed at school and now I'm helping edit and running for ink, paper, and a display board. Sunday my step-father came over and him and I tore the opening to my daughter's closet open so we could make it bigger. (It's successfully framed and sheet rocked) is Monday! The cretins have the day off with two doctors appointments and one dentist. WOW I'm tired! LOL I think I just got hit by a train.
All in all, it was worth it because I shut everything down and insisted on watching 24 last night. (he's so sexy!)
Feel better now, thanks for the vent.

(Rebecca Rose)

Sarah Simas said...

You got that right, Sharon!

Writing the end in 2010! That's my motto. LOL

Don't stress too much! You did a FABULOUS job!

Sarah Simas said...

Oh wow, Rebecca!!! Your weekend sounds way more crazy that mine!!

Good grief- remodeling a closet?! Beyond me. Glad you got to unwind with hunkie-dukie Keifer. He is one hot piece of man meat! (Ha! hope he's who you were talking about! lol)

Micole Black said...

Well I spent my weekend much the same as you did!!! :) I was very busy not only with the meeting but also getting things hammered out on the book that I am currently working on. My daughter had dance comp. practice, and we had a lovely dinner with some dear friends on Friday night!!!



Rebecca Rose said...

Oh yeah....Keifer is the man! He just has that 'real male' appeal about him. YUM LOL


Sarah Simas said...

Hi Micole!

Hope you're feeling better! You're always busy, lady! Good to see you on Saturday. You're such a fun gal to be around. :)

Stay the course and get those words in this week! (and Ill take a heavy dose of my own advice. lol)

Sarah Simas said...

Oh yes, Rebecca! He is all that and a big ole bag of chips. I love the fact that he is just awesome at every part he does. Whether good guy or bad guy, he gives it his all! Definitely makes him hotter! LOL

Between The Lines & More said...

I usually can't wait for weekends to be over. LOL Run! Run! Run! I like good old 'back-to-work' Mondays. Life gets back to a manageable pace and I can get some writing done.

Keep up your blogging, I always enjoy reading your posts. Very informative.

Sarah Simas said...

Ha! I finally met someone who likes Monday! But you're right about the being more productive during the week. Weekends mean my hubby is home and he always has stuff for us to do= not a lot of writing time. Maybe I'll start liking Mondays more . . . maybe. LOL

And thank you very much! Your site is pretty awesome, too. :)

Cari Quinn said...

I wish I lived in Cali or you lived in NY, because I bet you'd be fun to go to a RWA meeting with, Sarah! :)

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Cari! LOL I say I'm quirky and my brother says I'm weird. I guess it's a 50/50 draw on what'd you have sitting next you. I think it'd be fun to go with you, too! Especially if you get your big ole truck. *heehee* We'd own the road!