Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning News

What a weekend!

First off, today is my day at the Mama Writers blog. I'm blogging about applying what we've learned in writing to real life in
WILL THE REAL JOAN WILDER, PLEASE STAND UP? Swing by and show me some love!

Now, for the low down!

Friday was awesome, as usual. The lovely ladies of Friday Night Write and I chit-chatted about planning a writer's retreat. Sounds fun, huh?! Does anyone else escape with their CP's for some concentrated writing time? For more on what we gabbed out
click here!

Saturday was not as exciting as last week's RWA meeting. I made 5 quarts of chicken broth and did laundry. Yay! Oh, you're right . . . total snooze fest! I did get a chance to catch up on my emails. Yeah, that's kind of boring, too, huh? LOL

Sunday, I managed to sneak in some writing time. I'm happy to annouce Melanie has just learned a secret she should not have. Naughty girl! I think the bigger problem should be, what's she going to do with the information??? (ok, here would be the que for the Law and Order- "Duhnt-duhnt!" sound byte.)

What about you? Do anything fun and exciting? Make any break throughs? Dish it up!!


Micole Black said...

Hi Sarah,

Had a wonderful weekend in Sunnyvale at the Donald Maass workshop. I will give the details later but it was awesome!!!!



Sarah Simas said...

Ooohh! That sounds like fun!! You better dish up the details, lady! :)

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Sarah,
Will trade for your nice calm weekend. LOL Mine went like this:
Rush Mom to the emergency room, Tests, Tests, Tests...take Mom home.
Mom fell but survived later, released new book, major storm blew through...power outage so promos for new book are shot, behind on emails, computer battery dies so no work on WIP. This week it's Thank GOD for Monday. LOL

Sarah Simas said...


I hope your mom recovers quick. How awful! I'll be thinking of all of you. :)

I know what you mean about crazy Mondays. My daughter stayed home with a cold and a fever. lol I can't get a darn thing done!

Here's wishing you a very productive and stress free Tuesday! ((hugs!!))

Susan R. Mills said...

Well, I finally nailed a scene that I had been revising since before Christmas. It took a while, but it was worth it.

Sarah Simas said...

Way to go, Susan! Ain't it grand when we figure it out. It's like clicking in the last piece of a puzzle. Oh, what a feeling! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Your post today brought such lively conversation! How fun!

Kaye Manro said...

I had a fairly boring weekend. Though the weather was great. Not so much coming this week-- temps will drop again into the deep freeeeeze!

Glad your story is moving along!

Helen Hardt said...

Hi Sarah -- I love the idea of a writers' retreat. My local chapter has one every year but I've never been able to attend. Maybe this year!

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Kaye!

It's raining here and cold, too. But I don't mind. This is my kind of weather!

Here's hoping our weekends rock this week, huh?! LOL

Sarah Simas said...


Actually, I got the idea from your chapter. I knew that you Colorado ladies did that. I think I heard Viola chatting about it. It sounded like an awesome idea! I hope we get to go- I'd love the quiet time!!

Anonymous said...

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