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A Novice To Watch: Meet Sara Lindsey!!!

Here's some Monday Morning News I've been looking forward to sharing!

I'd like you to meet debut author, SARA LINDSEY! Tomorrow, her first release, PROMISE ME TONIGHT, will be on shelves ready for readers to snap up! Sara has signed with Signet Eclispe and will be celebrating another release from her Weston Family Series in June. Talk about livin' the dream, huh?!

Get ready to get inspired and to fall in love with a new author to follow!

1) If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

A bookish graduate student by day, Sara Lindsey's nights are filled with romance and passion ... of the fictional variety. As an historical romance author, Sara dreams up happily ever after endings for her characters while remaining optimistic that someday a billionaire cowboy-turned-CEO (who is also the heir to a dukedom) will show up and ride her off into the sunset on a white horse.

2) Using three words describe your voice?

Smart. Sassy. Sparkling. (And sometimes prone to alliteration...)

3) Tell us a little about how you got "The Call". Was it everything you hoped it'd be?

In true twenty-first century fashion, I actually got “The Email,” which was really for the best as my wild screams might have deafened my agent had we been on the phone. I was in my apartment in New York, but fortunately my roommate is also my best friend so she screamed with me, much to the dismay of the cat and probably all our neighbors. Then I called my mom and screamed some more. I'd had my fingers crossed for a two-book deal, so the offer for three books was even better than I'd hoped.

4) What's the best writing/industry advice you've ever recieved?

The best advice I ever received was from Julia Quinn, just as I was starting out. She told me that if I wanted to be a writer, I actually had to put my butt in a chair and write.

5) Newbie writer to published for the masses: How have you grown as a writer?

I learned how to finish a book. That's the biggest difference between a newbie writer and a published author - the ability to complete a manuscript. Starting a book is the easy part. It's fun and exciting to come up with the characters and think of ideas for their story. Pushing forward and fleshing out those characters and plot ideas is the hard work. Putting your butt in the chair and writing is how you grow as a writer. There's no way around it. Believe me, I've looked! *g*

6) You're not just a published author, you're also a graduate student. Any advice for your fellow writers on time management? What's your trick for staying organized?

Ha ha ha ha ha haNO. I am the last person to give advice on time management. It's something I constantly struggle with, especially since writing always seems to come last. It's far easier to complete a school assignment (or an errand or household chore), because it can generally be completed in a much shorter time frame than it takes to write a book.

That's one thing I have learned. If you look at your book as a single, enormous project, the chances of finishing it diminish ... unless you are the type of person who enjoys the feeling of standing on one side of a huge chasm and leaping off without caring if you make it to the other side. I like knowing I can make the jump, so I've learned to take a lot of little jumps I know I can land. These little jumps might be meeting a daily goal (words or pages), completing a scene, or even writing uninterrupted for a set period of time - whatever it is, I know it's something I can accomplish in the space of a day (or a week). The end is in sight as soon as I start, so I have no excuse to do something easier like scrub the toilet or dust on top of the kitchen cabinets (both of which I have done to avoid writing).

Make goals you can meet - that's my advice, though it doesn't really have anything to do with time management, except that (in my experience) if something seems too daunting, you will somehow manage to never find time for it. As for staying organized, my latest obsession is Google Calendar - I have it set up to email me my daily agenda.

7) Your debut release, PROMISE ME TONIGHT, hits bookshelves tomorrow. What's going through your head right now? Are you doing anything to celebrate?

I'm a bundle of nerves right now because I'm doing a reading at Lady Jane's Salon ( tonight and I have a terrible fear of public speaking. I'm going to celebrate by going around and signing stock at bookstores throughout Manhattan with numerous stops for cupcakes and hot chocolate along the way!

8) What's up next for you?

This is a busy year for the Westons (and me!) since Tempting the Marquess, Olivia Weston's book, is due out June 1, and then A Rogue for All Seasons (featuring Henry Weston) releases in January 2011. Readers can stay updated by joining my newsletter at


“D-did you miss me?” She tried to keep the question light and teasing, but James heard the wobble in her voice, saw her beautiful eyes glistening too brightly.

“I didn’t want to.” He realized the truth in the words as he spoke them.

“I didn’t want to,” he said again, taking an involuntary step toward her, then another and another, until he was face-to-face with her. He knew he should back up, return her to the dining room, and then make his farewells and leave—leave until this madness had passed.

She was a child, and a younger sister of his best friend, for Christ’s sake. The only feelings he should have toward her were those of a protective older brother. Anything else was inappropriate and dangerous. Yes, James knew he should walk away, but he had an awful suspicion he wasn’t going to.

“Y-you didn’t want to. . . .” Her voice shook as she watched him.

James swallowed hard, and then nodded once.

“B-but you did?” It was half question, half statement.

He stared down into her aquamarine eyes, dewy with tears. They were at once the eyes of the woman she had become—the most beautiful, most desirable woman he had ever encountered—and of the adorable, irascible girl she had been. He had never been able to lie to the child, and he found it just as impossible now.

He had missed her. He had missed her wit, and her sunny smiles, and her delight in the absurd. He had missed their conversations, and the looks they shared when Henry said something particularly daft, and the way she had always shown up no matter how hard he and Henry had tried to hide from her.

More than all of that, though, he had missed her—some indefinable quality that was Isabella.

Dear Lord, he was becoming a half-wit. Yes, he had missed Isabella. He had also missed Henry, Lady Weston, and the rest of the family. There were a lot of people he had missed, including his tailor, his boot-maker, and Lucy, the lovely little ballet dancer who had been his mistress before he’d left.

Of course he had missed Isabella; she was practically his little sister. It would have been strange if he hadn’t missed her, James rationalized.

Isabella was still looking up at him expectantly, anxiety and hope written clearly on her face.

“Yes,” James said easily, now that he had figured out his feelings. He smiled down at her benevolently. “Of course I missed you.”

The expression of pure joy that burst across her face was dazzling. Her happiness wrapped itself about him and yanked hard at his insides.

“Oh, James,” she cried, throwing her arms around his neck. Then she pressed her mouth to his and he froze. Her eyes had fluttered closed, and she was kissing him without a whit of skill, frantically rubbing her lips against his, and he, James Sheffield, acknowledged rake, was instantly harder than the oak bookcases lining the room.

How is that for a tasty teaser?! Gotta love a heroine who can throw a rakehell for a loop!

On behalf of novices everywhere, I'd like to wish Sara tons of success with her debut and tomorrow's release of PROMISE ME TONIGHT! If you'd like to learn more about Sara Lindsey, please click on over and scope out her website:!

Thank YOU, TLN'ers, for swinging by and showing the love! We newbies have to sick together! To help get your Monday rolling- here's the
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Karen Michelle Nutt said...

It's always a pleasure to stop by Lovestruck Novice.

Sara Lindsey,
Congratulations and Good luck with your new release. Throwing confetti and blowing horns here!!!

PJ said...

Terrific interview! I've had the pleasure of already reading "Promise Me Tonight" and it's a delicious treat.

Best of luck with the release, Sara! I hope the books fly off the shelves!

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Karen!

You're such a sweet lady! :) Thanks for coming by!

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Pj!

What an awesome recomendation! Now I want to read Promise Me Tonight even more. :)

Helen Hardt said...

Sara, great to meet you, and congratulations on your success! I love the advice from Julia Quinn -- perfect ;).

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats Sara. I wish you much success. Your book sounds great! And it's good to meet another fellow author!

Carol North said...

Hi Sara:
Congrats on your first release. I'm certain this is the first of many.
Hi Sarah:
Thanks for the inspiring interview.

Between The Lines & More said...

Fun interview, Ladies. I loved the three S's describing Sara Lindsey's voice. I think I'm going to NEED this book. *smiles*

Danielle Thorne said...

Sounds wonderful---and Regency never gets old! Enjoyed the excerpt, and great voice. Good luck and congrats on your book deal!

EA said...

Hi Sarah,

I thought this was a great/fun interview. I really liked point five on the perspective of a newbie writer reflecting on growth. #6 is something I can definitely relate to. I am currently going for another master's. Agreed about how grad school sometimes seems easier, but IMO, I don't feel as pressured when I write. I just feel creative.

Micole Black said...

Awesome interview Sarah!!!! Loved it Can't wait to pick the book up!!!



Laurie London said...

Congratulations, Sara! How exciting to have your first book sitting on shelves at this very moment.

Such great advice on making goals you can meet--doing little jumps instead of leaping into a chasm.

Good luck with your reading tonight. I know you'll do great!