Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!


Two weeks ago, I entered the first five lines of my WIP, In Pursuit of Love, into The New Beginnings contest at romance author, Jennifer Haymore's blog.

Guess what?!

I entered during the second week and out of 45 entries MINE was one out the four semi-finalists selected!!!!

Wah-Hoo!!! Ain't that awesome?!

Monday, I had to have my first chapter and synopsis to the lovely Ms. Haymore for the final round of judging. There are a total of twelve semi-finalists, so I'll be biting my nails until the grand announcement this Sunday, March 28th.

The prize? The overall winner gets their chapter read by an agent at the Irene Goodman Agency!!!

The deets of the contest are pretty wonderful. Every week in March was a new round and the best part was NO entry fee! Yep, just an author paying it forward! I'm glad she held the contest, because I'm always looking for a new author to read and interview. :)

So cross your fingers and toes for me! I'm as nervous as chicken at a BBQ!

If you'd like to check out Jennifer Haymore's site and scope out the other finaling entries, here is the link:

If my math is right (which is always a crap shoot!), there were a total of 144 entries and believe me, there was some pretty stiff competition!!

For your viewing pleasure, here are my first five!!

Title: In Pursuit Of Love by Sarah Simas
Genre: Regency Romance (1813)
First 5 Sentences:

Hidden behind the fronds of a large potted palm,twenty-two year old Melanie Wainscott observed the crush of bodies gracefully dipping and gliding across the polished dance floor of Lord and Lady Whitmore’s grand ballroom. The massive doors and windows had been thrown open to allow room for the thirty piece orchestra and the swell of guests. With a gentle breeze carrying in the fragrant perfume of roses and wisteria from the gardens, Melanie couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. All she needed to do was bait the hook.

No use sitting on the proverbial river bank, she had a man to catch and with any luck he’d be as easy to snag as a brook trout.

Here's hoping you have an awesome day!!! See you back on Friday for my interview with the totally funny Lainey Bancroft!

ps- I owe a big thank you to J.A Saare! She passed on the news of the contest. Thanks, Jaime!!! ((hugs!))


Paige Ryter said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's wonderful! And I LOVE your first five sentences! Great job!!!

Micole Black said...

Congratulations Sarah!!! Can't wait to hear the results!!!!



Anne Patrick said...

Congratulations, Sarah! I wish you the best of luck with your entry.

Debra Kayn said...

I'm so happy for you! What a great prize to win too.

Your first five lines are really great..definitely hooked me. :-)

Good Luck, Sarah!

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats Sarah!! What a great prize too! You are on your way now. So watch out! Loved your opening lines...

Nicole Zoltack said...

Wow, that's wonderful news, Sarah! You must be jumping out of your skin excited. Your first lines are wonderful, they really draw you in. Good luck, hon!


Helen Hardt said...

Sarah! What wonderful news! Congratulations! And of course Jaime rocks :).

Stephanie L. McGee said...


Laurean Brooks said...

I'm not surprised at all, Sarah. Not after reading those five sentences. Wow! I want to know what happens next, too!

Congratulations, I will not only cross my fingers, I'll also ask God for this special gift to you.


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Wonderful news, Sarah!!! So excited for you.

Those are great opening lines, LOL. Love the "she had a man to catch"!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, gf!!

Redameter said...

Sounds like a great one Sarah, good luck and the very best to you and yours
Loce and blessings

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Super Congrats!!! Way to go!!! You've got the goods and I loved your five lines. Now reel in that trout. LOL

Eliza Knight said...

Wow, congrats Sarah!!! Jennifer is an awesome author, I like her a lot!

Congrats again and wishing you luck!

Oh, and your story sounds FABULOUS!


Margaret Tanner said...

Wow Sarah,
Congratulations. Well done.
You certainly fought off some fierce competition.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...


You go girl!! Congratulations! All toes and fingers crossed. :)

Emma Lai said...

Woohoo! You've got my curiosity piqued now. I can't wait to see how you worked the rest of the story.

Sarah Simas said...

Thank you, thank you, ladies!!

I really appreciate everyone stopping by! :) I have the most awesome friends!! ((hugs!!))

I've learned what I know from grilling all of you!lol

MarthaE said...

This is Wonderful Sarah! Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!
Those are catchy 5 sentences - some intrigue with humor!

Viola Estrella said...

Sarah, congrats!!! Your voice is so amazing, it's no wonder. Good luck in the final round!

Cari Quinn said...

This is so awesome, Sarah! All possible body parts crossed for you. Your entry is wonderful! Wishing you best of luck!

StephB said...

Congrats, Sarah! Awesome job.