Thursday, April 1, 2010

Get Addicted to Margaret Tanner!!

Oh-Da-Lolly!! Like a bad penny, I'm baaaack!

Hope you've got a fantastic weekend planned. Nothing like spending time with family and friends to make us appreciate the good things in life!

If you're in need of a read for your holiday travel and historicals are on the menu, well, belly up to the bar-b-que because I've got another author on the TLN Hot Seat!

Please help me welcome the delighful Margaret Tanner!!

Whether it be a love story set in 1800's Australia or WW1, readers are sure to be swept off their feet. Her latest release, WILD OATS, is fresh out of the garden over at The Wild Rose Press.

Snitch a "Me time" moment and fall in love with Margaret Tanner!!

1)If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

Margaret Tanner’s historical romantic adventures have tortured but gallant heroes and brave compassionate heroines. They will transport you to another time and another place.

2) Using three words, describe your voice.

Passionate. Dramatic. Emotional.

3) What's been the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your writing?

Finding enough time to write. There are never enough hours in the day.

4) How to you structure your writing time? All plotting or do you wing it? Word/page count goal to reach each day?

I wing it I suppose you could say. If I have an idea, I just go with it. I always write my first draft in long hand, trying to get the words down as quickly as I can. I don’t bother with full stops, commas, capital letters etc. because it stops my flow. Plenty of time for revision later. And as someone once said, you can’t revise an empty page.

5) If you had to start all over again, what's the one thing you've learned that would be the most beneficial?

Join a writing group.

6) Any tips on collecting and organizing research?

The only advice I can give is do what is comfortable for you. I mainly write historical novels, so I take lot of notes as I can’t rely on my memory. I visit historical sites, trawl through reference and history books in the library, trudge through cemeteries and badger elderly relatives for information. Also taking photos of historic places can be helpful.

7) What can Margaret Tanner fans look forward to this year from you?

My novel, Wild Oats, has recently been released by The Wild Rose Press. It is the prequel to The Trouble With Playboys.


Phillip gave the hovering waitress their order, and when she left he leaned back in the chair and surveyed Allison. No classical beauty, yet she exuded a glow that turned mere prettiness into something special, and she was not yet a woman. Her generous mouth begged to be kissed, and passion, still not awakened, smouldered in her eyes. His experienced male instinct told him this.

“Phillip, your mind is wandering again.” Her fingers touched his wrist where it showed beneath his crisp white linen.

“Sorry.” His tanned, gentleman’s hand clasped her small, work-roughened one. “Tell me about yourself.”

“I’m not very interesting.” Nevertheless, she chatted on until their food arrived. Jim and Tommy were mentioned often, the old man not at all. He had heard about Jack Waverley being the town drunk, so little wonder the man did not figure in her conversation.

With an almost childish abandonment she tucked into the cake. He had never met anyone like her, happy and laughing even though she lived such a wretched existence.

“What about you? Do you live in one of those big ancestral English castles?”

He laughed. “Not a castle. A manor house would be nearer the mark. It’s in Yorkshire. We have a house in London, too.”

“Oh.” Her eyes became wide as saucers. “Do you have any brothers and sisters?”

“No, I’m an only child.”

“What about balls? Do your parents give them?”

“Yes, several times a year.”

“The gentry out here hold a hunt sometimes, and they always have a ball afterwards.”

“Have you been?”

Her laugh sounded spontaneous and without malice. “We’re not gentry. Anyway, Jim says if I went to a toffy turn I’d do something stupid, like trip over.” Her infectious amusement made him laugh.

“Phillip you’re not eating your other cake.”

He pushed the plate away. “They’re too sweet for me.” He looked up and smiled. “Would you like it?”

“Yes, please.” She ate with youthful enjoyment then licked her fingers, something a lady would never do, yet with her it did not seem out of place.

“All finished?” he queried.

“Yes, I enjoyed it. I hope you don’t think me too greedy.”

“You’re sweet.” He seduced her with his eyes, but there was not a flicker of awareness. More innocent than he’d first thought, he realized, but this did not stop the twisting knot of desire building up in his groin.

Now, there is a tasty tidbit to leave you hungering for more! I'd like to thank Margaret for her time. She's coming to us from gorgeous Australia. (Wah-hoo for some Tim-Tams!! Yum!) If you'd like to know more about Margaret Tanner and her books, please check out:
Buyers Link:

Thank you, TLN'ers!! Here's hoping your weekend is full of fun and festivities! Let's get the mood going with some
BRAD PAISLEY and his LITTLE MOMENTS. Take Care and enjoy those little moments this weekend . . .


Micole Black said...

Hey Sarah... another great interview!



Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for inviting me to visit you at the Lovestruck Novice. I enjoyed my time with you.



Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Micole,
Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate it.

neecy said...

Nice interview Sarah. Margret, nice to meet you. Your book sounds lovely. Good-luck with the sales.

Linda Swift said...

Hello Margaret, I have certainly enjoyed reading your interview with Sarah. And the excerpt was wonderful. I can't wait to read this story written in your trademark style which I like so much.
Happy Easter to all,

Cari Quinn said...

Great interview, Sarah and Margaret! As always, Sarah. :)

Margaret, Wild Oats sounds wonderful. Best of luck! :)

Oh, and I love the Easter eggs in the background!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Another great interview, Sarah! Love the Easter background, too.

Margaret--Wild Oats sounds like a fantastic story!

Sarah Simas said...

Thank you, Margaret! I enjoyed looking over your book list. You have some amazing stories! Plus, your website is beautiful! :)

I'm so glad ya'll like the background. I do so enjoy decorating.*wink wink* What gal doesn't?!

Cheryl said...

Hi Sarah and Margaret,

Sarah, as always, your bubbly personality comes through and makes your interviews so personalized and enjoyable!

Margaret, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this excerpt, and getting to know more about you. Wild Oats looks so interesting, and I really enjoyed
the interplay between your characters. Very realistic--I already like your heroine (the acid test for me in a good romance!) and of course the hero is wonderful. Good luck with this one, Margaret!


LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Margaret and Sarah,

I love the very distinct voices in the dialogue! Best of luck with it. :-)

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Neecy,
Nice to meet you too, thank you for stopping by.



Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Linda,
Happy Easter to you too. Thank you for dropping by and for your lovley comments. A compliment from a writer of your calibre is a compliment indeed.


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Jana Richards said...

I enjoyed your excerpt Margaret. This is the second excerpt I've read from "Wild Oats" and the book sounds wonderful.

Best of luck with it,

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Jana,
Thank you fo dropping by, I appreciate it.



Kaily Hart said...

Another great interview Sarah and Margaret. Margaret best of luck with the book!

Margaret Tanner said...

Thank you Kaily,
Nice of you to drop buy, I really appreciate it.


Kaye Manro said...

Margaret, best of luck with your new book! Great interview here.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Kaye,
thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it.