Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Wednesday Pondering . . .


Last week I fessed up to my addiction for True Blood. I think it's the way the characters are presented. While being vampires, shape shifters, and gods, they aren't run of the mill. The same goes for the secondary characters, too. Fresh, vibrant, and with a storyline that just snags your attention like a hooker in church, it's easy to see why the series is such a hit.

Now, here is where I admit another naughty factor. I didn't read the books first. I did the same for the Twilight Sagas. Once I'd seen the show/movie, I was ensnared enough to seek out the books. Herein lies the crux of my problem . . .

I like the show better.

I'm 3/4 of the way through the first book in Sookie Stackhouse series and find myself drawn to the show way more. The heroine has a little more grit and self-confidence. On the other hand, the actress is nothing like the book in that the "real" Sookie is 5'8 and Anna Paquin is a shorty like me! While I don't feel as close to the other characters within the pages as I do the those within the boob-tube, I'm not so mule-headed as to quit.

The True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse stories are awesome! I'd recommend them to anyone. I just get a little perturbed when Hollywood messes with a character either way. Had I read the book first, I would have a totally different perception of everything. So, I guess I ate my dessert first and spoiled my dinner! lol

Do you notice such instances in your favorite books-gone-big screen? Does it make a difference to you?


Stephanie L. McGee said...

I prefer Twilight the movie to the book, mostly for pacing issues.

But I'm such a nit-picker that I never like the movie more than the book. I always find some small detail to harp on about. It drives my mom nuts.

OK, word verification: dyeded

That just seems somehow fitting, considering we're discussing vampires.

Susan R. Mills said...

I usually like a book better than a movie. But I know what you mean about True Blood. The thing with True Blood is that the books are told from one POV. The shows get to dig a little deeper into the secondary characters. I think that's why they draw you in more than the books.

Micole Black said...

I haven't read the books or seen the show as of yet, but I tend to be a little more dissapointed in a movie/show verses a book. I am the opposite when it comes to movies that have books. I have to read the book first and then get the visual the movie gives me. In that case, I have usually already fallen for the caharcters in the book not the Hollywood stero types that are playing them. I had a hard time falling in love with Belle and Edward at first. (I mean pre-movie) I love, love, loved them in the books and was connected to them and the way "I" had visioned them. When I was finished with the books and saw the characters that they had portraying Belle and Edward I was not happy. But when I went to the theater and saw the movie, I couldn't help but fall for Robert Patteson. OMG!!! I am addicted now!.

Kaye Manro said...

Sarah, this happens to me all the time! Though not with the vampires-- more with my kind of stuff, like Sci-fi!

(Oh my-- forgot to tell you my book cover is up on my blog now! I got it finally!)

于名于倫 said...
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Debra Kayn said...

The only book I have ever read that matched the yummy goodness of the movie is Thorn Birds. *drool*

Usually, I find the books much better than the movie.

Donna O'Brien said...

Sarah...Don't give up on the series! I too started reading them after I watched the first season. I was a bit disappointed that there some better character differences in favor of the show BUT...and this is a huge BUT, the books get so much better. I do so favor them more than the show, however, that's absolutely not going to stop from watching. I am a huge Eric fan...yummy!!! I think the 2nd season kind of mucked things up a big compared to the storyline of the books...but that's Hollywood. And yes, I generally like the books better. :)

So keep reading the series!!


Donna O'Brien