Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

I've been a bad, bad girl!

Yep, I got addicted to a series. Smack my hand and send me to bed without any dessert, but I just can't help myself!!

My distraction? . . . TRUE BLOOD. Need I say more?

Since embarking on this odyssey called 'pursuing publication', I find myself constantly applying what I've learned to real life.

Not as bad as when I was in college trudging knee-deep in cow poo trying to master all things bovine. I spent most of my free time eyeball to udders or playing lunch lady to baby calves. Now, that, my friends, is dedication!

Well, I've done sort of the same with this writing bug. While watching my new found viewing pleasure, I find myself taking note of turning points, characterization, GMC, and a shopping list of other writerly things. I'm enthralled with how the story line plays out. Ms. Harris took an age old story and made it new. Every character is vivid and tangible right down to the smallest bit part. The series is truly a lesson in writing done beyond 'write'.

It's not just Sookie's adventures that I endeavor to apply what I've learned. Much to my hubby's chagrin, it's every show I watch! I just can't help myself. Ha! I guess even when I'm being naughty I'm being good. Too bad the same doesn't go for eating chocolate. Sheesh! It would be wonderful to snack on peanut M&M's and never worry about a waistline.

So, tell me, when you're being bad are you really being good, too? Can you just flip off your internal writer and enjoy a book or a movie? Do you get perturbed when an author doesn't come up to scratch? Or a show's storyline deviates away from a character's obvious GMC?

C'mon now, like a piece of apple pie a'la mode, dish it up, my friends! And for all you teenagers of the 90's, here's a little
Fiona Apple and CRIMINAL. Don't worry, I'm still getting in my words. You see, I can't watch during the day because my hubby would throw a hissy fit. He's just as caught up as I am. (but, shhhh, that's our little secret.)


Kaye Manro said...

Good Wed. blog, Sarah! Yes and yes! I always do that while watching anything. I'm ruined because in college I took screenwriting courses so I've been doing that for a few years now! The character development, the plot points, all that stuff stays with you, and it does help with your writing skills.

Nicole McCaffrey said...

LOL nothing like writing to ruin you on ever enjoying a book, movie or TV show without dissecting it again. *G*

I do the same thing and it drives my hubby crazy. Of course he's there pointing out the carefully displayed box of cereal or orange juice container, or Coke can on the counter and telling me "there's the advertising". so he's just as bad as I am, only about other stuff.

We're a real "fun" pair, can't ya tell? LOL

Stephanie L. McGee said...


I'm usually pretty good at turning off the writer side of me while I'm watching or reading. It's afterwards that everything kicks into overdrive. Sometimes some bit of characterization will spark a blog post or prompt a new way of thinking. Other times, I gripe and complain about the lack of consistency. (There's even a post on my blog somehwere in the black abyss of the archive titled "Consistency thy name is editor.")

David F. Weisman said...

I do find myself thinking critiquer thoughts when I read - though usually only when the book partly deserves it.