Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

Ooh-Da-Lolly! Do I have the I-Don't-Wants! It's raining and gloomy here in Central CA and all I want to do is curl up in bed with a good book. But, NO! I can't, or at least, I shouldn't. I feel like the darn White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland. Sheesh!

House work, meals to plan and clothes to pack.

What's that, you say? Clothes to pack? Could it be the girl who never goes anywhere is finally . . . going somewhere???

YES! I'm tagging along with the hubs on his business trip to __________!!!!

That's right! I ain't gonna tell you until Friday. So, while you're learning of my top secret location, I will be leaving on a jet plane headed for freedom. Yep, freedom. We're going sans the kiddos. Wah-hoo! This will be only my second adventure w/o my little darlings. I'm planning on getting some plotting done and hopefully a chunk of writing, too. I'm not the one who will be in meetings! No, I'll be the one soaking up the peace and quiet and dare I say, a frosty beverage or two and maybe three?!

I have two days to get my To-Do list done. Not a lot of time and I definitely see myself staying up waaaayyy too late the night before to tie up loose ends. Ah, the joys of being the household worker-bee, huh?! Or is it domestic technician? I get confused.

So, what gets you jumping when R&R calls to you with the fervor of siren's song? Jumping jacks? A shot of coffee and chunk of chocolate? A good swift kick to the booty by a CP? A zippy quote? How do YOU shake the stink off and get going?

For me? A vat of Diet Coke, a tasty treat, and sheer stubbornness. Grit and gumption go far in keeping the determined fueled, right?

Dish it up, my friends! Let's get a gander at what keeps our fellow TLN'ers at the plate, bat in hand and swinging away. Goodness knows, I'm not the only one who channels Scarlett O'Hara and waits for fiddle-dee-deeing tomorrow! *wink wink* How about another twist on this Q4U, what would your hero/heroine do?


Kaye Manro said...

I do love your whip it up Wednesdays, Sarah! What a wonderful surprise! You go out there in the big old world and have a fantastic time of it!

See ya later...

Helen Hardt said...

Have a great time, Sarah!

As for what gets me going...I'll be back to read what gets everyone else going, lol. I need some help :).

Sarah Simas said...

Well, what's motivating me now is my mom coming to watch the kids and my house is a wreck!! LOL That's perfect motivation!! :)

Micole Black said...

Push myself to do whatever it is I have to do. If that doesn't work... I take a nap! ;-)