Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good Gracious! It's Moanday!

Hi-Dee-Oh, TLN'ers! How the heck was your weekend?!

Mine was fast and furious. I blinked and it was gone!

Saturday was my RWA chapter, Yosemite Romance Writers, meeting and we were plumb lucky, if you ask me. Our guest speaker was none other than ALLISON BRENNAN!!

She has 13 novels under her belt and FIVE kids! Yes, you read that 'write'! Five kids! I think I hung on her every word much like my kids hang onto Caillou's.

The topic of Ms. Brennan's chat was how not to let contest judges' comments wreck your flow and not buying into the whole "rules of writing" myths. For a group of aspiring authors, her advice and honesty were refreshing and motivational.

Learning about her journey to publication while raising young kids and babies really hit home for me. I have two young'uns, and let me tell you, staying on the straight and narrow is nothing short of an odyssey equal to Homer's!

Let's keep our fingers crossed I can score an interview! Wah-hoo, I can't wait!

What about you? Attend an RWA chapter meeting? If so, what's a typical meeting like?


Anonymous said...

Nice job!.................................................................

Helen Hardt said...

Hi Sarah! I attend my local chapter meetings regularly. They feature lunch, then the general meeting, and then a workshop. This month I presented a workshop on Advanced Grammar for Writers. It was fun to do, and the members enjoyed it! Our meetings are always a great learning experience.