Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

Howdy-Oh!! Here we are again at Hump Day!

You'd all be proud of me. I've made some awesome headway with my MS. I've definitely been sticking to writing everyday. Some days it's tough to follow through, especially with this morning--or rather all day-- sickness kicking the crap out of me.

I must say it has been very interesting sticking to my time line. Before, I wrote when the mood took fancy and well, maybe that explains why after two years I still haven't finished. LOL But I must say achieving my word/page goal for the day feels darn good! It's the best feeling!

I know I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase of this new mind set, so of course I'm going to be gun-ho. However, I've learned a lot about myself during this experience and now know my triggers. I think recognizing that tidbit about myself will help me in the long run. I'm put a dam on my denial river! :)

I CAN tell you what has been helping me stick to my guns-- seeing all my author peeps posting their progress, good news, and motivating quotes on their FB Pages. It's totally invigorating! Of course, staying on FB for too long can be detrimental to a game plan, so I set a timer. LOL I'm feeling good and still pulling hard for a finish by October 1st.

So, tell me. What keeps you toeing the line? For me? It's sheer determination! Gazelle-intense, baby! LOL Keep truckin', TLN'ers. The prize is within reach!


Scorpio M. said...

I'm not a writer but I commend your hard work. I know it's tough and takes a ton of discipline. Good luck!

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Scorpio! :) The discipline part is 'write'!! LOL This writing gig does take a lot of ganas and grit, but at least I'm having fun learning the ropes. Plus, I get to meet some awesome people in the process and that makes a world of difference! :)

冠宛君中 said...
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Jill Kemerer said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're sick all the time. Try keeping popsicles in the house. It's an easy way to stay hydrated!

Suzie said...

Congrats on sticking to your goals, Sarah (especially with the wicked invention of internet and all the fun to be had on here!!LOL)!

I haven't set a timer for myself (what a great idea), but I try to only be on the internet for a couple of hours before I get back to writing.

prashant said...

know it's tough and takes a ton of discipline. Good luck!
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