Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

Hi-Dee-Oh!!!! Another week is almost gone and I'm very eager for the weekend to come back around. I've got writing to do! lol

I've been a good girl and made some awesome progress over the last few days. I added 5K to my word count chart and was very pleased to see that darn "Deadline Date" move forward about a month. Sheesh! I miss a few days and BOOM! I'm behind. Oh well, such is life, right? :)

I thought I'd tantalize you with a sneak-peek into my hero's world. I do so love writing his side of the tale. In this scene he is at a country ball for one purpose and one purpose only . . . and it ain't dancing!

Bradford leaned against the marble column of the balcony and surveyed the ballroom below. He’d chosen to enter through the back of the house instead of being announced. Tonight was not a social call. He abhorred everything about these little gatherings, namely, the people. Had he followed the polite dictates of society and made his presence known, he would have been surrounded by match making mamas and their vacuous daughters. The men were just as bad in his opinion. Such a disgusting reality to live with—being coveted for one’s title and wealth.

The Whitmores had out done themselves. He’d wager the amount of blunt spent on tonight’s festivities could have easily fed a legion of soldiers for a fortnight. What a waste of resources. The people of his set would never understand the sacrifices made on their behalf. Didn’t they know of the dangers England faced? Or was dressing up and making merry all their beleaguered minds could manage? He shook his head in disgust. He could dissect the weakness of humanity later. Right now, he had more pressing matters to attend―namely finding his ex-partner’s daughter.

Hope you enjoyed the teaser. LOL Hope it didn't have too many blunders! I've been having fun with this MS and can't wait to write THE END! We're going to party hardy when I do that's for sure!

Have a grrreat hump day, TLN'ers! We've got the delightful Margaret Tanner here on Friday, so swing by and say, "G'day!" TTFN- ta-ta-for-now! Oh yeah, here's a little ditty to help your week slid by. And YES, I did sport Ginger Spice's hair color a few years. Hey, it looked hawt! LOL Crank it up and rock out to the SPICE GIRLS--SAY YOU'LL BE THERE.


Anonymous said...
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Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Sarah,
Your work in progress sounds intrigueing. Love the snippet.



Sarah Simas said...

Hi Margaret!

Thanks for your kind words! :) It's been a wild ride learning the ropes that's for sure. LOL

barribryan said...

Great excerpt. I enjoyed reading it.


Talina Perkins said...

Loved the little tease you shared, Sarah! You seem to be on a roll. i love reading your posts, you always manage to make me laugh!

Because I love coming over to The Lovestruck Novice, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award on my Blog. It is completely optional on your part to accept. Here is the link...


Happy Wednesday,

Carol North said...

Hi Sarah:
Loved the teaser, and "teaser" it is being in that hot hero's POV. Love your voice. It's distinctive and well-developed.

So you've completed half. Consider the first half being uphill and the second half easier because it's down hill.

Sarah Simas said...

Heya Barri!

Thanks so much for swinging by! :) Glad you enjoyed the reading. :)

Aw, thanks, Talina! I will have to pop over to your blog and see what's shakin'! LOL You have me intrigued as to what a "Versatile Blogger" is. How fun!

Hey Carol!! (hugs!)
Thank you so much! LOL And you're right getting this far has seemed like an uphill journey. I'll definitely be looking forward to the slide down. :)

Jacquie Rogers said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today--what a special treat! Your excerpt is really yummy, so keep up the fabulous work!


Cari Quinn said...

Sarah, you're doing amazing! I loved the excerpt! Bradford sounds yummy and a half. :)

Diane Craver said...

Great snippet, Sarah! You're doing awesome! Keep writing.