Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wanna Go For A Swim??

Anne Barton shared notes from her trip to Orlando the other day. The quote she posted that really stuck with me the most was from one of La Nora's speeches at RWA'10.

*Writing is hard. Getting published is hard. Staying published is hard. Embrace the hard. Don’t stand on the edge of the pool complaining. Jump in and start swimming. And for God’s sake don’t complain about the water once you’re in.

Talk about putting the smack down! Mistress Roberts sure knows how to inspire and tell the hard truth. I love it!!

Her words got me to thinking. And let tell you the hamsters were spinning so fast my thoughts could have powered a city!

WRITING IS HARD. This needs to be a motto all novice writers need to start grasping. Anyone can plunk down in a chair and put their imagination down on paper. Seeing the process through to THE END is a whole other matter.

Two years ago, I gave up General Hospital and opted for parking my rear in a very old and uncomfortable office chair to write. I had the fresh-faced enthusiasm of the naive that I was going to be the next Julia Quinn.

I bet most you are wishing you had a dime for everytime a newbie spouts such a hope. LOL It's a VERY admirable goal, but one laced with hard work and heaps of grit to accomplish. I think acknowledging the fact that writing isn't a static endeavor is one of the most important factors in progressing to the next stage for a novice writer.

Like swimming, writing is an art. Even Michael Phelps had to practice and to do so meant spending hours in the pool. For writers, it's no different, except we're butt-in-chairs kind of athletes. ;)

Clicking on FB or Twitter will prove my point: There are a lot of whiners out there. A lot! Yes, we're all entitled to moan and groan, but the key element is MOVE FORWARD!! Keep making STROKES toward success!

Like Dori said in Finding Nemo: "KEEP SWIMMING!"

Standing on the edge of the pool won't get a book written. Dive in and swim around, sure fingers and toes will get pruny and hair may turn green, but for heaven sakes just keep swimming!!!

No one needed to come to this 'Hail Mary" moment more than me. I've set a deadline for myself to enter my MS in the Golden Heart this year.

Am I behind. YES!

Is it going to take A LOT of work and fortitude to achieve my goal? HELL YES!


Have I had my set backs? OH, YEAH AND THEN SOME!

I'm learning as I go! Just like swimsuits obstacles are bound to ride up! The important part is to take the dunkings and move onward! JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Any one else up for a swim?


Jennifer Shirk said...

That's so true. Keep swimming! I love that advice. :)

Sarah Simas said...

LOL I guess we can learn a lot from Disney movies!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Zequeatta Jaques said...

Hell yes, writing is hard! I have had to give myself the same type of advice you've just noted. I am determined to Stay the Course. Dreams take time.

Sheri Humphreys said...

Lots of people have the talent, but it takes so much more than that. In addition to talent, it also takes determination and persistence. Those things a lot of people don't have! So lots of people say," I could write a book" or "I should write a book", but few people actually do write a book! So when you finish, BE PROUD!

Kaily Hart said...

I loved Nora's speech. She's funny and moving and just fascinating. Keep swimming, Sarah!

Kaye Manro said...

Can I second this great post--over and over again, Sarah! And it never stops. Hard is hard. Obstacles are a way of life for me. And the promoting-- it's even more tryiing. Got to be done too. Getting pubbed is only the first step to putting you toes in the water. Keep on swimming!

barribryan said...

Thank you for remining me of some basic facts I tend to forget. I need to keep swimming even if I have to float now and then so I can begin again and keep on keeping on swimming.

Great article.


Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Zequetta, Sheri, Haily, Kaye, and Barri!!

LOL This post was definitely a pep talk geared toward my lagging self. I appreciate all your kindness and support! :)

Anonymous said...
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