Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get To Know Diane Story!!

Happy Wednesday!! It's always more fun to view a week from the half-way point!

I hope you'll join me in welcoming another Cen-Cal valley girl to the TLN Hot Seat. DIANE STORY is here to share some tasty writing tidbits and to dish up the 'deets' on her new release DESPERATE HEARTS.

Besides being a California gal, Diane is also one of my chapter-mates from the Yosemite Romance Writers. She's a blast to hang out with and after reading her interview I know you'll be in hands down agreement!

Take a minute and get know an author who is sure to land on your "keeper shelf"!!

1)If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and allow me introduce you to a world filled with romance and intrigue. It is a world occupied with Cowboys, Pharaohs, Ghosts and Gargoyles that will entrap and enslave your senses. My world is a place where even the strongest heart cannot withstand the temptations of love.

But BEWARE, as you will find yourself lost beside timeless characters and worlds filled with intrigue and romance. You will run along side them, read their stories, and ultimately rejoice with them when they find their ultimate rewards. Come along, one and all, to places where soul-mates still exist, and love is everlasting.

2)Using three words, describe your voice.

Slow, Medium, Fast

3)Give us a sneak peek into your writing habits. How do you structure your writing? Do you outline or wing it?

I am a winger. Often times I write my synopsis in the beginning, or sometimes in the middle of the book. But most of the time I wing it. I dream about my books when I write them, so sometimes I wake up in the morning and write notes or just pour myself into the book until I put in my dream sequences. And sometimes I dream the book and have to go back and make changes to what I already wrote.

I am not a structured writer. I wish I was, but my day job just doesn't permit it. But I am lucky enough to fit in a few hours each day during working hours.

4)Novice Writer to Published Author: What have you learned?

Slow down! Don’t try to finish the book before its ready. I had to learn to let it simmer and tenderize before I present it to the public. It’s more palatable when I give it the time it needs to reach perfection.

I always make my query strong. I edit it and re-edit it and then I have my friends and family read it. If they don’t understand it then I know it’s not right. My query is my life-line for my book. It has to be perfect.

5)What has been the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your writing/career?

Finding my voice! And I still have more of it to find. Also, rejection sucks! But is it such an integral part of learning and really necessary for the growing process. I hate form letter rejections, but relish the ones that give me feed back, no matter how small it might be. It is hard not to write back to an agent or publisher who sends form letters, but I manage and feel better in the end for not giving them a piece of my mind.

6)What's up next for you? Any news you'd like to dish up?

I am in the middle of two paranormal romance novels. “A Pharaohs Kiss” and “Behlem’s Desire” I hope to finish “Behlem’s Desire by the end of the year.

I am still working on the big magazine article for “Desperate Hearts” and I hope it all pans out. Keeping my fingers crossed that my friend comes through for me

I'd like to thank Diane for letting me interview her. I'm sure she isn't the only one who has to practice a fair dose of patience when it comes to form letter rejections. :) Here's wishing her tons of future success! If you'd like to know more about Diane Story, please click on over to her Whiskey Creek Author Page.

THANK YOU, TLN'ers!! I've been listening to my show tunes lately and found one worth sharing. It's from one of my fav Doris Day movies CALAMITY JANE. If you've never seen the musical, you don't know what you're missing! Here's Doris and the hunky Howard Keel singin' the feisty
I CAN DO WITHOUT YOU! Enjoy! We'll catch you back on Friday!


Micole Black said...

Great Interview you guys. It's good to know someone else likes to let their work simmer until perfection! I think that is a fatal flaw for my writing career, but I agree with you on that one Diane. I just don't know if you should let it simmer for 5 years like I did! ;-) Good luck Diane. Hugs to you both.


Sherry Gloag said...

Great interview, patience is not a quality I'm closely acquainted with, but I'm trying to cosey up a bit more.
Thanks for sharing.

Celia Yeary said...

DIANE--I enjoyed getting to know you a little. Your book sounds intriguing and exciting, and the title and cover are excellent.
Odd, I actually dreamed my entire plot last night--this is a WIP I've fiddled with over a year and no clue where it was going. Last night--now I know! I have to write it down before I forget. Celia

Helen Hardt said...

Great to meet you, Diane!

Ginny M. Christensen said...

Hello Diane,
Love your cover. You'll have to bring some to our next YRW meeting. I'm glad to learn there's hope for me because I too, am a winger and fly by the seat of my pants! I'll be keeping in mind that simmer and tenderize analogy. Love it!

Best of luck to you with all your successes and your magazine article.

Sarah, another great interview. See you soon, my friend.