Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the changing weather and leaves. My area may not have the classic fall colors dappling the trees, but we do have corn fields being harvested for silage which sprinkles the roads with a confetti of sorts. Kind of like a countrified celebration of the season!

Even though I can't partake of my usual candy indulgence, I'll still be enjoying the day. My daughter's class is having a Fall Festival at school today and I've volunteered to man a booth. I've crimped my hair, drew on some whiskers, and dug out my kitty ears. LOL Who knew 13yrs ago when I bought the darn cat ears for a costumed frat party that I'd be wearing them for a Kindergarten carnival!!

I love scary movies this time of year. Here are some of my favs:
*Halloween- better not let Jason catch you playin' patty-fingers with the neighbor boy!
*Stephen King's IT- Tim Curry as Pennywise had me covering the shower drain with a rag for weeks!!
*The Blair Witch Project- my college peeps and I started watching this spread out around the living room and by the end of the movie were heaped in a pile. LOL Typical boys, they made sure to leave a pile of rocks on our doorstep just to freak us out!
*Signs- For some reason, this movie had me in goosebumps the whole time!
*JAWS- I couldn't swim in a darkened swimming pool or even a lake for a long time! That movie rocked. We hardly "saw" the shark, but just the idea of him lurking there was terrifying!

What's your favorite thriller or Halloween tradition?

Hope your weekend is full of spooky fun!!

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Stephanie McGee said...

I hate this time of year because of the scary/slasher movies. I do not do scary well at all. Hope the weekend is great for you!