Monday, December 20, 2010

Pursuing Publication With Kat Martin!!!

Happy Almost Christmas, TLN'ers!!

Of course, with today's Featured Author being THE Kat Martin . . . I'm incline to think Christmas has indeed come early!!

Every writer has a dream of being published and seeing their "baby" front and center when walking in the door of a brick and mortar bookshop. For some, the road is swift and sure. For others, the journey has as many potholes and detours the California Highway system.

A new year is upon us and what better time is there to start putting a writing career into perspective. I was thrilled to book Kat as the final guest for 2010, because I knew her advice would fortify the resolve of any writer--from novice to multi-pubbed.

Let's not dawdle! Get comfy and let's get down to the good stuff! (Prize Alert: Kat is graciously offering a Personally Autographed Book to ONE lucky commenter!!)

Take it away, Kat!

Pursuing Publication, by Kat Martin

I’m sure every author has an interesting tale of how he or she got published. Mine is sort of a merry-go-round story that began when I met my husband, Larry. He had written a Western saga and as we began to date, he asked if I wanted to read it. Being a major reader and beginning to fall in love, I said yes. I loved the book, which was extremely moving and very romantic. It was titled SHADOW OF THE MAST and the odd thing was, he couldn’t sell it.

Since I had read a lot of great books and loved this one, I couldn’t understand why not. (I still have no clue as to how New York publishers actually think.)
After a second reading, I realized there were a number of grammar and spelling errors (no spell-check back then). Since I was good at those things, I decided to help him polish the novel.

By the time I was finished, I was hooked on the idea of writing a book of my own. I chose a Western Romance because I had a western background. My great grandmother came West on a covered wagon; my grandmother was one of the original rodeo cowgirls. I was very familiar with the history of that era and so MAGNIFICENT PASSAGE was born. (I’m happy to say the book is being re-issued for the first time in July of next year.)

Once the book was finished, the journey to publication began. When my hubby puts his mind to something, he’s extremely focused, so he did his do-diligence and researched, by reading the voluminous Literary Marketplace and looking at books on the shelf, to find out who was publishing what.

At the same time, we were attending conferences, going to writing class--a two-hour drive to L.A., and trying to find an agent.

At a conference in Fresno, California, we met a woman who had agreed to read sixty pages of any attendee’s manuscript. We both sent our pages. And the agent took both of us on as clients.

Unfortunately, those manuscripts were both summarily rejected by every publisher in NYC--except, in my case, for the very last place the manuscript was sent. That company bought MAGNIFICENT PASSAGE and made it the lead title for Pageant’s new romance line!

It was a great start for me. During that time, Larry’s manuscript, his second novel, was sitting in the slush pile at Kensington where it had been for nearly a year. It was picked up, read, and purchased. After all the waiting, we were published six weeks apart, which meant we could travel and promote our books together.

Unfortunately for me, the saga continued. My first publisher closed its doors after two of my books were printed and I was out on the street again. Again, I was rejected everywhere.

Totally distraught, at the last possible moment, Berkely picked up the book, CAPTAIN’S BRIDE, and again, I was chosen as a lead title. Even then, it was no easy road. I’ve worked for nearly all the major houses. Some were a real pleasure, others not so much.

Currently, I’m writing for Mira Books. They’re publishing my new contemporary romantic suspense novels, the Raines Brothers Trilogy, AGAINST THE WIND, AGAINST THE FIRE, AGAINST THE LAW. The company held them back so they could publish them close together, which readers seem to like. They’re being released end of December, end of January, end of February.

I’m really excited about the book and hoping readers will like Jackson, Gabriel and Devlin as much as I do. Hope you will watch for them. Till then, all best wishes and happy reading, Kat

Here's hoping inspiration has come knocking on your door! 2011 is almost here and with Kat's wonderful story of perseverance under our wings, I know we're all headed for a year full of success! I'd like to thank Kat for her time and generosity. If you'd like to know more about Kat Martin and her novels, please scope out her website:

THANK YOU, TLN'ers!! It's been a fun and crazy year. I'm 10 days away from my due date and ready to start 2011 with a bang! Hope to see you all back at TLN after the holidays. Live, love, and eat merrily!! ((Hugs!)) Sarah
ps-I'll be posting pics of the baby when she arrives. :)


Anonymous said...

This series sounds very intriguing! Have already placed a pre-order! Thanks for your incredible writing Kat! Merry Christmas! Susan

Kat Martin said...

Susan-- Wow! you've already ordered! too cool! Hope you like the book. have a great Christmas and wonderful 2011! warmest, kat

Sarah Simas said...

HI Susan!

Thanks for swinging by!I'm in 100% agreement--the series sounds quite delicious. ;) Hope your holidays are awesome!

Johanna R Jochum said...
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Johanna R Jochum said...

Wow, great post! I have been reading and loving Kat Martin's books for years now. I can't wait to read this triolgy it is on my list to get now! I love westerns too and can't find many out now! Gotta love a hot cowboy! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us today!


Anne Barton said...

Kat, thanks for sharing your inspirational publication story. I adore your historical romances-esp. the necklace books! Congrats on your latest trilogy--it sounds awesome.

Sarah, I'll be thinking of you over the next couple of weeks. Can't wait to see the photos. Take care & Merry Christmas!

Kat Martin said...

You've all been so much fun! Have a wonderful Christmas! kat

Anonymous said...

It's hard to condense your road to publication in a few paragraphs. Thank you for stoping by to share. I am a long time fan and eagerly look for your new series. Have a great holiday.
Sarah, looking forward to pictures of the new princess. Wishing you well.

Lovestruck said...

I'm a big fan of your blog and enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations you come across on the way to publication. I really hope you achieve the success that you deserve, good luck for the future.

Kat Martin said...

Hi, Lovestruck! thanks for your good wishes. Hope you like the new books! very best, Kat