Monday, December 6, 2010

What's Your Goal for 2012?

Howdy-O, TLN'ers!!

Now that my daughter's birthday festivities are in the books and I've got a pretty good "wrap" on the Christmas agenda, I've begun plotting out my goals for 2012.

First and foremost, I'm going to focus on my writing and getting In Pursuit of Love DONE! I'm finally feeling like I'm heading in the right direction. Back when I started writing, if anyone would have told me how much strength and determination writing really took, I'd have laughed in their faces. TWO and a HALF years later . . . well, I get it!!

As of right now, I'm setting a daily goal of 3 to 5 pages a day. While I know it's going to be rough with a new born, a 3.5 yr old, and a Kindergartner vying for my time, I'm willing to step back up to the plate and start swinging away.

I didn't just pull such a goal out of thin air. I had help---ALL of YOU! Your comments and encouragement are all appreciated!! When inspiration is needed, I just click by through some of the TLN Hot Seat interviews. It never takes long to feel that ole feelin' again. ;)

Have you started thinking about what you'd like achieve next year??

Dish it up and let's discuss!!


Rula Sinara said...

Hey Sarah. You're in the home stretch! I'm sending comfort and sleep wishes your way :) With my 3 kids, I have to be flexible with some of my goals. I don't have a list for next year yet, but getting published is always one of them!

Helen Hardt said...

I'm going the simple route -- 2000 words per day (weekday, that is. I don't write on weekends) no matter what. NO EXCUSES. It can be done. I only get a break if I'm out of town. If I can just keep writing, everything else will take care of itself, hopefully :).

Sheri Humphreys said...

You go, girl! Sheri