Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sticking With It!

There are 273 days until 12/1/2011.

Why is that date important?

Well, it's the deadline to have all enteries into the RWA Office for the Golden Heart!

Last year, I botched it. I didn't finish in time to enter. I let the outside world invade my drive to write THE END. I've been told having a baby is a worth excuse . . . BUT to me, it's still an excuse.

I haven't made great strides in sticking with my goal of writing 500 words a day so far this year. I've had a couple of loops thrown my way like the baby spending over two weeks in the hospital and my grandma passing away.

March, I have decided, will be 1000x times better (because what else could go wrong?! lol) I've got the frame work in place for carving out my writing time. How? I will never be without paper and pencil. I'd forgotten that before computers and mini-PC's there was hand-writing notes and scenes. (We've gotten quite spoiled in this techno-savvy world!)

It's also been suggested I tape record my thoughts and scenes using a voice recorder. I used to do this, but the practice feel by the wayside. lol The only problem I might run into with this choice is the occasional screaming fit from both the kids, baby, and ME!

So, I've confessed the burning burden within me. How about YOU? How have you been sticking with your goals?


Kaily Hart said...

Hey, Sarah. Glad to see you're 'back'! Don't beat yourself up too badly and don't dwell on the past. Keep your eyes forward and focus on what you need to do today and then tomorrow and then the next day :). You'll get there! You know, don't underestimate the power of pen and paper. Sometimes I can sit and work through issues that I can't figure out sitting in front of the laptop. I've also outlined entire stories. Just last week I was writing out a grocery list. 30 minutes later I had an outline for a brand new story!! It's not always practical to be in front of an electronic input device. But pen and paper? You can have that anywhere and maximize those times when you get ideas. We can't necessarily control when inspiration strikes, at least I can't. Hope all is well with the baby and I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother. ((hugs))

Emma Lai said...


Sorry to hear about your grandmother and I hope the baby is well. I've missed reading your posts. I understand the "baby is an excuse" logic. I feel that way sometimes especially when he's sick for a week and only wants me to hold him. Without hands I can't type or write. Though I guess a taperecorder would work, but everything on my plate is editing. Nothing new until some of the wips are cleared out. (I say after having written a new short in one day.)

Here's wishing the rest of your year is carefree enough for you to worry about meeting deadlines! :)

Micole Black said...

Goals??? What goals??? No just kidding. I have a list of goals longer than Santa's naughty list. Have I stuck with them??? Well, let's just say that life has gotten in the way of my plans as well. Although you have a better reason/excuse (if that is what you would like to call it) than I do. So here's to you my friend. Keep that pencil and paper glued to you. you can write it out and then type it later. You can do this. I know you can, so get to writing! ;-)

Good luck.

Happy writing.