Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Back In The Groove!

Howdy, TLN'ers!!

Talk about being a stranger, huh?! Since having baby#3 I've become as easy to find as a donut during a cop convention.

Life has settled. The baby, for the most part, is finally healthy. We've just been battling with ear infections. It's like she hasn't quite cleared up from the respiratory infection she got at 4wks old. I'm hoping this new antibiotic the doc gave us works like a charm to clear away all the gunk. The older kids are finally running at full speed. Up until a week or two ago, I was in the pediatrician's office once (and sometimes twice) a week!

My writing and blogging has suffered greatly for my distracted state. I have truly missed visiting my peeps blogs, interviewing authors, and most importantly writing!

I'm still determined to enter the Golden Heart this fall. I have a lot of work left to do and know it's all up to me. The latest RWR had an awesome article on not letting self-doubt sabotage your goals. I LOVED IT! Definitely words I was needing to hear.

I may not have been writing as much as I would have like during all the chaos, but I did do a lot plotting and reading. (Let's just call the latter "research". lol) I feel like I've found a missing piece of a puzzle. I'm confident I can make everything fall right into place.

So, tell me, how do whip yourself into writing shape?


Emma Lai said...

Glad to hear life is settling into a less hectic pattern for you. I can't really answer your question since I'm finding myself unable to commit to any one w.i.p. I write a few hundred words here, a couple of thousand there. Soon, I'll have edits on my latest contracted story though. That'll definitely whip me into shape!

Rula Sinara said...

Hey Sarah! So glad to hear your little one is doing better. I know how stressful things can get with a sick infant. We spent the first year of my first born's life in doctors offices, labs and hospitals. All is well now. Don't forget to take a breather now and then for yourself. I think time to recharge helps the writing. It's hard to be creative when you're exhausted.

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks Rula and Emma!! It's good to know there are other mamas out there trying to find a balance. Thanks for swinging by! ((hugs!))