Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Hunky Highlanders?

By Diana Cosby
A Historical Medieval Romance
Publisher Kenington Books~ Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Sarah Simas

Through the wonderful world of Facebook, I learned of Ms. Cosby’s MacGruder Brother series. Her websites boasts ‘Romance Edged With Danger’ and I must say like her daring Highlanders, Ms. Cosby delivers full force.

His Woman is the second book in the MacGruder Brother series. Ms. Cosby weaves captivating Scottish history and an alluring epic romance story into a powerful, page-turning masterpiece.
Duncan MacGruder is a man tormented when he agrees to a dying friend’s request. Bound by honor, Duncan is loath to face the fiery Isabel Adair, a woman he hasn’t seen since she broke their betrothal and his heart to warm the bed of his enemy, the Earl of Frayser.

Despite her betrayals, Duncan is pulled to Isabel like the tide to the shore.

Embroiled in an intricate web of deceit and high-intensity danger, Duncan and Isabel’s passions are rekindled amidst the backdrop of a turbulent medieval Scotland. The lovers join forces in a race against time to save Isabel’s father from Longshanks’ gallows.

But is their love strong enough to withstand the haunting secrets of the past and an enemy bent on revenge?

With Duncan MacGruder, Ms. Cosby has captured the epitome of the Highlander warrior female readers long for. Rugged, handsome and a lethal combination of sensuality and brawn, Duncan is a man to lust over. With her winsome looks and empowering strength, Isabel Adair is the perfect match for such a gallant warrior. The combination of two such intriguing characters equates for a gripping story full of thrilling twists and turns and most importantly a passion to envy.

Ms. Cosby’s remarkable gift of vivid imagery, appealing characters and spellbinding suspense makes His Woman a must-read book.

His Woman and its prequel, His Captive, are soon be joined by another installment to the majestic MacGruder Brother series. Readers can learn more about Ms.Cosby and her
sure-to-satisfy Highlanders at
My Grade: A+


Diana Cosby said...

Sarah, thank you very much for the fabulous review of His Woman! I'm totally humbled. Duncan and Isabel are very special to me. My sincere thanks again.

Diana Cosby
His Captive/Alexander MacGruder
His Woman/Duncan MacGruder - 4 star Romantic Times review
Title TBA/Seathan MacGruder - Date TBA
Title TBA/Patrik [Cleary] MacGruder - Date TBA

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