Friday, September 25, 2009

Kickin' It With Kimberly Killion!!!

Well, Ooo-Da- Lolly!! Ain't that a hum-dinger of a cover?!

Welcome back TLNers! Hope you're as ready as I am to see another week slip into a week-END!

If you've have a hankerin' for a Highlander must read, you've come to the right spot. One of the joys of putting together these interviews for my fellow newbies is getting to learn about new books to add to my TBR pile (and with the wonderful authors we've had- my pile is gi-norm-o!)

So, let me introduce you to an author who is definietly worthy of a spot on a TBR list. Please make welcome RITA Nominee, KIMBERLY KILLION.

Grab a frosty beverage (especailly, if you're livin' in the Stew Pot called California!) and let's get rolling!

1) If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

Oooh, good question, but a toughy. This will require me to be a little vain, but here goes...

Kimberly Killion, award-winning author of sexy medieval romance, seeks adventure and romance. But what happens when she finds what she’s looking for in the seductive arms of a hawt Highland rogue?

Laird Braw Scot is looking for a woman with an imaginative mind and taste for scandal. He finds her tucked behind her computer, hiding her passion for life inside a motherboard. Does he have the skills to seduce her away from the keyboard?

Will she give up her dreams of hitting the NY Times list and seek passion in the treacherous wilds of Scotland? Or will she resign to live comfortably in the secluded privacy of her Midwest home and never know the meaning of love?

This is what my publisher is saying about my writing:
Kimberly Killion's gorgeous, dramatic novels have the sweep and dramatic intensity of Hannah Howell's megaselling Scottish romances.

2) Using three words describe your writer's voice.

Wow, Sarah! You are really asking me to be conceited here. LOL How about…dramatic, humorous, and riveting. I’ve been compared to Diana Gabaldon: “The book does have a kind of "Outlander" air to it, but without the time travel or the need to plow through 600-800 pages.”

3) What is your favorite aspect of writing?

As the heroine, I get to fall in love. As the hero, I get to be strong, handsome, flirtatious, witty… As the villain, I get to be sadistic and twisted. And as the author, I get to play with people’s lives, make them cry, make them laugh, make them fall in love. And if I’m lucky, I might just inspire one person—the reader.

4) Describe what it feels like to be nominated for a RITA? Did a choir of angels sing when you found out you were in the running?

I was in complete denial. Kelly St. John left a message on my machine and I called her back to tell her there must have been a mistake. She laughed and assured me there was no mistake. When it actually sank in I got that feeling. You know the one you got when you were a kid and someone bigger than you picked you up and spun you around by your arms. I think I continued to spin for several days. It was an honor to be recognized and has since made me a more confident writer.

5) In the years since you started writing, in what ways have you grown as a writer? Any advice for a newbie writer?

I have grown in voice and craft and I wouldn’t have done it without the support of my critique group and my critique partners. My advice: get involved with you a critique group and toughen your hide because it is sometimes hard to take the criticism.

6) You have a beautiful website! Among the features, you have an audio read excerpt and an awesome FOR WRITERS page with tons of fantastic links. Give us the scoop, what was your divine inspiration?

Well, in my ‘other life’ I’m a professional graphic designer so I wanted my website to be the bomb-diggity. (Do people still say that?) I wanted to give the website a historical feel and that’s pretty much the gist of it. As for the writers page, after I sold I joined a whole slew of author groups and learned more than I could keep straight. I knew I would need the same information when the second book came out, so I started keeping track of all that I learned. The more seasoned authors on these groups took the time to explain ‘stuff’ to me, and I thought it was selfish not to share it all. And hence, my writers page was born.

7) What can your fans expect from KK in the future?

I have a two book series called Scots Abroad that sets Scottish characters in foreign lands.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, historical romance with paranormal elements set in Italy and Scotland.

CARIBBEAN SCOT, a historical romance set in Mexico and Scotland.

But what I’m oober excited about is a three book Time Travel series I’m working on, but I’m still ironing out the details with my agent.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I hope you all can find a spare minute to check out my second book, HIGHLAND DRAGON, from Zebra Books. I just found out a couple days ago that HIGHLAND DRAGON sold out of its first printing before its October 6 release date!

HIGHLAND DRAGON ~ Oct 2009, Zebra Books
"A tale to cherish..." ~ RT Book Reviews - 4 star review
HER ONE DESIRE ~ July 2008 - RITA nominee & Booksellers Best Award Winner
Looking for sexy Medieval romance?
Kensington Publishing Corp.
Publication Date: October 2009
Price: $5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
ISBN: 1420104411

A desire that defies all limits… and a love that was meant to be…

Scotland 1502. Akira Neish has been raised as a peasant, her belly often empty and her family subject to the cruel whims of her clan's laird. To the clan's children, the horned shaped birthmark she bears means she is a witch. But she is neither peasant nor witch—and now the man who knows the truth has returned to claim her for his own.

Calin MacLeod has kept Akira's secrets and to avenge his father, the sensual young laird must marry her. He is more than a match for the fiery nature of the woman he adores. Yet the passion they share—and truths that can no longer remain hidden—could rip all of Scotland apart...

A big Thanks goes out to Kimberly for taking time out of her busy schedule to be here with us today. And HUGE Shout Out goes to all of you TLNers for your continued support! I love my job! LOL (how else am I going to get look for books without hubby hollerin' to get movin' cause the kids are rippin' books off the shelves?!)

This week's Send Off is one of my personal favs. If I'm ever caught humming a tune, it's this one!
Conway Twitty croonin' I'D LOVE TO LAY YOU DOWN. Such a sexy song! What woman wouldn't love to hear she's H-O-T-T no matter what?! Catch ya back next week!


Cari Quinn said...

Great interview, Sarah and Kimberly! I won Her One Desire and a gorgeous bookmark from Kimberly awhile back, and it's still waiting for me on my TBR (which is five feet high and growing, LOL) Also, I always find it interesting how many of us writers have a background in graphic design. We're a proud and mighty bunch. ;)

Highland Dragon looks terrific...awesome news about already going into a second printing!

Kimberly Killion said...

Good morning! The coffee is brewing, and the house is quiet, and I'm getting ready to log another 1,000 words. (fingers crossed) I just wanted to thank Sarah for the pimpage! This is the beginning of blog tour, so here's hoping I have the energy to start it out with a bang! :)
And Cari, I've run into several graphic designers in this business. I think it's because we are creative as a whole. I find that when the words don't come to me, I spend some time in Photoshop and that's where I relax. Weird, but true. And push my Broc and Lizzy to the top of the TBR pile.
I'm told it's a damn good book. LOL

Kimberly Killion said...

As this is the official kickoff of my blog tour, one lucky commenter will win a prize!! I'm giving away both my award-winning debut book, HER ONE DESIRE, and my second release, HIGHLAND DRAGON, which comes out next week.
So keep those comments coming!

Hummingbird Chatter said...

Why not have the Midwest and the Highland rogue? You deserve it! I can hardly wait to read your new book...and time travel sounds verrrry interesting.

Sarah Simas said...

OMG!! What an awesome treat! Isn't Kimberly fantastic!

Good Luck everyone!

What a terrific way to start the day!

Devon Gray said...

Hi Kimberly!

Great answers to all those thoughtful questions! I had fun hanging out with you at Nationals (hey...thanks again for the luggage storage...did we leave you a tip?)and look forward to seeing you next weekend!

Devon Gray

Lila DiPasqua said...

Great interview! Great questions! Kim is one talented lady, as an author and in her skill at web design. Her site is absolutely gorgeous! And her book, HER ONE DESIRE, is on my keeper shelf. Can’t wait to read HIGHLAND DRAGON! I’m not at all surprised it’s into its second printing already.

Kimberly Killion said...

>>>Midwest and the Highland rogue?<<<
Brilliant! I'm working on a time travel...I could build a story set in St. Louis. I could take my Highlander to the top of the arch!!! Only problem is, I'm terrified of heights. :(

Kimberly Killion said...

Devooooon!!! Are you going to M&M??? That's so cool. We will have to grab a drink (or 6) :)

Lila!!!! How goes it girl? Thanks for stopping by, but I wouldn't be a verra good friend if I didn't tell you to get off the internet and get back to work. Didn't you say you have an uuuuuugly deadline?
Much love! :-)

Helen Hardt said...

Kimberly, I picked up Her One Desire a while back and am looking forward to it. I have to tell you, the title of Highland Dragon contains two of my favorite words, LOL, so I'll be looking for that one, as well. Many congratulations on your success!


Dorinda Ohnstad said...


Great interview and good advice about finding a critique group and having a thick skin to deal with the feedback. Bottom line is we all want to be where Kimberly is headed and it's tough work getting there.


Thanks for taking time out for the interview and good luck with those 1,000 words today.

kerribookwriter said...

Just had to come by and give my friend Kim a big shout out from the sunny, humid, freakishly hot south east! Hey Kimberly!!!!

I'm a huge fan of today's special guest and besides her incredible writing and her knowledge of all things Scot & Hot...she's an extremely talented designer. Of course, I'm not biased just because she did my amazing website header or anything like that.

So great to see you and keep up the great work!


Anthea Lawson said...

Great news on going into a second printing, Kim! Woohoo- you deserve it! I'm looking forward to reading Highland Dragon~

Devon Gray said...

Yes, I'll be at M&M. Looking forward to seeing you, and to the drinks ;-) I've started your book and I love it!

Kimberly Killion said...

>>>Highland Dragon contains two of my favorite words, LOL, so I'll be looking for that one, as well. <<<
Thanks, Helen. Believe it or not, that title was my title. You hear how publisher's always change the title? Well, this one stuck. My editor told me I couldn't have it because she was certain Hannah Howell had a book title the same. I argued (slightly) and a "while" later, she emailed and said, hmmm, Hannah doens't have that title. It's a great title. You can have it. Gee thanks. :)

Kimberly Killion said...

Hi Dorinda. I swear by my critique group. I would never have seen a contract without them. And, yes, a thick skin is a must.

Kris Kennedy said...

Kim's going to be a bestseller one day--we promised each other. :-)
You keep on writing wonderful stories, sister, and it'll be sooner rather than later.

Congrats & best on your release!

ruckfules84 said...

you'll have to bear with me i tend to sound like an idiot when i comment...

i love the whe burb if you were a book. the decription of the herione and well the hero sounds absolutely delicious. oh and i love the cover, well i love all highlander covers :)

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Kimberly and Sarah,

This is such a fabulous blog and I don't get over here enough!

Kimberly, what a fabulous "author blurb" LOL. I ADORE your writing. Can't wait to read Highland Dragon!


Kris Kennedy said...

And I meant to say Hi to you, too, fellow MamaWriter!

C.C. Wiley said...

Hi Sarah and Kimberly,
Great blog! I just came from Kimberly's website and all I can say is WOW! I love all the oodles of information and I can't wait to download Kimberly's books on my e-reader.

Kimberly Killion said...

Hi Kris! I'm workin' the mo-jo for that list we promised each other. :)

Hi Renee! Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. I hope you enjoy Highland Dragon as much as Her One Desire. :)

C.C....always great to hear that people stop by the website. I put soooo much effort into keeping it up to date. And other thing...Highland Dragon will be my first ebook. For whatever reason my publisher didn't put my debut out in ebook form. Weird. Shrug. I"ll have to download a copy myself just to see what it looks like. Hope you enjoy Calin and Akira's story. :-)

Jasmine Black said...

Well, I for one am in no way shocked that Kimberly would be up for an award. Your writing is wonderful. I can't believe HD is sold out! I have been waiting for Oct to get here so I could grab my copy and finish the tale. I can't wait to see how it ends. HOD is on my keeper shelf. I couldn't put it down once I started it. When I read the first chapter of HD many moons ago, I knew I was reading the works of a future best seller and it looks like you are on your way to that.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

You know I'm wishing you the very best, doll. Highland Dragon arrived today, so I'm thinking I'll be reading instead of writing this weekend.

So I'll life a wee dram to a successful blog tour, but forego the contest so someone who hasn't had the pleasure yet gets the opportunity. You can sign my books when next we meet.

Kimberly Killion said...

Thanks, Jasmine! I'm so glad you liked Broc and Lizzy's story. And you are making me blush with your compliments.

And on ecould ask for a stronger supporter than you. You're a peach with cream. :)

Kimberly Killion said...

I just wanted to thank Sarah again for having me here today and getting my blog tour. I had a great time. :)

I'll have her post the winner of my debut book, HER ONE DESIRE, and my October release, HIGHLAND DRAGON, tomorrow on the blog, so be sure to check back.

Read, write...and Remember to Fall in Love Everyday...

Carol L. said...

Sorry to have missed this. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the interview and have been waiting to read about Calin and Akira for months now.I love everything Scotland and wait to read all your coming stories Kimberly.
Carol L.

stacey said...

I love books whit Highlander and your book looks good.I'm adding it to my list of books that I need to get some day.