Thursday, October 1, 2009

Living For The Night With Raine Delight

Good Grief! Would you look at that moon! Got the sudden urge to howl?

Well, join the club, baby! What a H-O-T-T cover!

Speakin' of steamy, if you've got a hankerin' for a walk on the spicy side, better pull up a chair.

Please, join me in welcomin' to TLN Hot Seat the Siren of Spice, RAINE DELIGHT.

With her new release, Devon Falls: HAUNTING MAGIC, on the horizon, Raine is one busy lady. Lucky for us, she's sweet enough to make some time for the newbies.

So, peel your eyes off that naked. . . er, full moon and let's get this party started!

1) If you were a book,what would your blurb be?

Hmm, I am not sure maybe something like: Cherise Sinclair works as a librarian by day but at night stakes vampires that are causing havoc in her city. Determined to wipe out what she considers the scourage of the earth she never expects to find a man so sinfully handsome he turns her life inside out and makes her see that maybe vampires are not all bad for Vince Alexander is one of the masters and he is determined to stop Cherise from killing any more of his kind, even as he falls under her spell.


That was fun and I think that might be a new story idea.

2) Using three words, describe your voice.

Oh geez, not sure. Maybe emotional, a work in progress and different. *looks confused* does that work?

3) What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your writing?

I think it is the fact I am still learning the craft of writing that I am beginning to see where my problem areas are. I like to switch POV sometimes in the middle of something so I am working on that with a variety of tools and that I had to get over not talking about myself since I am marketing myself and my books to the public.

4) How do you balance promotional demands, writing time, and family time?

That is very tough for me as I work three jobs, have a family and then have to meet deadlines for writing. I try to write at least for an hour a day if I can unless something comes up like kids dance schedules change or family issues come about. Weekends are spent with my kids and DH. We do errands, shopping and other chores as well as try to relax and recharge the batteries, so to speak.

I have a wonderful PR manager, Katie, who helps me tremendously. She does the bulk of my promo for me and reminds me where I am chatting, where and other good stuff. This helps me continue to write and Katie has been a godsend.

5) Let's talk World Building. Give us some tips! What works for you?

Well I don’t normally set out to build worlds, they just happen. Honest. LOL

For Devon Falls Series, I have character sheets since it has grown to 4 books with two more to come and it has morphed into a whole town. Club Fantasy Series, is a paranormal BDSM and centers around the owners so for that I had to research the BDSM world.

I normally start out with a rough idea on whom/what I am building and just go from there. I do try to make sure I got certain traits/looks right or that I don’t screw up names.

6) What’s the best writing/career advice you've ever received?

Write, write, and write some more. I write what I like and thankfully so do readers. Let a crit partner look it over to see if they spot anything, do some online workshops that are free or join the local RWA. Check ot some books that are valuable information for your craft or specific genre (like GBLT). Talk to other writers on what works for them and then go at it.

7) What's coming up for Raine Delight?

Oct. 9th is the next Devon Falls book called Haunting Magic. It tells the story of Rodrick Dracon, who we met briefly in Fiery Magic. This time around this lothario wolf shifter has to find his mate or be a lone wolf forever. What he doesn’t anticipate is the one woman who couldn’t care less about him but when these two are in the same room, sparks fly. Jaxon Sinclair is a woman who finds herself either lusting after Rodrick or wanting to brain him. Can this wolf shifter get his destined mate to heel before Halloween or will she turn the tables on him and tame the wolf?

Then if all goes well, another Devon Falls novella, Yuletide Magic in December 2009 and more in 2010. *wipes brow*

Sneak peeks look into Haunting Magic:
Coming to Aspen Mountain Press on October 9th, 2009

Jax never thought she would enjoy being home until she had a night like tonight helping Grady out. It was just too much, especially after spying Rodrick Dracon working his wiles on every single bubble-headed woman there just before Grady showed up to press her into service. Each time she was there, that lothario had women draped all over him like leeches and yet he hasn’t hit on her since that one night of drunken monkey sex in high school.

Well, she can say honestly she had more than one brain cell and even though she enjoyed the way his jeans hugged his tight ass and the way his muscles bunched under his t-shirt, Jax knew better than to contemplate a night with the “stud master”, the nickname she gave him after years of hearing about his conquests. It was enough to see him at the local hot spots working his wiles on the women and whenever she got near him, he acted like she was cramping his style.

Sighing, she tossed her shoes in the corner, grabbed some water, walked into her bedroom, and sank on the edge of her bed. She hated dishes as well as men who seemed to think they are all that and a bag of chips. “What is it with men who think they need to add one more notch on that bedpost?” Jax muttered as she tossed her clothes into the corner and wrinkled her nose at the stale beer and smoke smells that wafted from them.

Slowly she made her way to the shower and tried to figure why she was bothered by the way the cheap floozies immediately spied Rodrick and flew to his side. It was enough to make her ashamed to be a woman. Jax stepped inside the shower and tried to erase the sight of not one, not two but three women draped all over this man like leeches.

She soaped down and letting the hot water ease her aches. She muttered, “If I am ever so desperate to get laid, I hope someone just shoots me to put me out of misery. I am definitely not interested in adding myself to his bedpost notches. He needs to learn that some day, he will find a woman who will say no and mean it. Then I will laugh uncontrollably at the irony of it all.”

Jax got out of the shower and yawned. She turned off the lights and padded naked to the bed. Heaven was all she thought as the moonlight made shadows on her walls and as she yawned yet again, Jaxon wondered if she will ever see Rod finding the one person who will make him work for a change in winning their heart. That will be the day hell froze over was her last thought as she slid into sleep.

Talk about a tasty teaser! Be sure to check out Raine's sexy website for a buffet of her other novels.

I'd like to thank Raine Delight and her promo manager, Katie, for makin' this interview possible. And here's a whoppin' THANK YOU to all the TLN'ers out there for stopping by!

Want a kickin' ditty to send you into the weekend? Raine's gorgeous cover inspired this selection. Here's the Delightful
CCR with BAD MOON RISING. Enjoy your break from the Monday thru Friday- 9 to 5 and we'll catch ya' on the flipside back at TLN next week.


Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Raine and Sarah,
I don't think it's the moon that's got us howling with that cover. LOL

Loved the interview and the walk on the wild side. Just right for the month of October.

And CCR is one of my favorites so keep 'em coming. LOL

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Mornin' Raine and Sarah!

Great interview--great cover! what a way to kick off the month of October!

Raine, sounds like a great series!


Raine Delight said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for havingme here and I agree...that cover is smoking HAWT! I have to say Aspen Mountain Press Artist Synneca did a fabulous job onit. :)

I would like to mention that I am getting postcards of the cover done and if anyone would like one with my new bookmark, please email me at rainedelight AT yahoo DOT com with "Promo Offer" in the subject and snail mail addy in the post.

I hope you check out the Devon Falls books as they are fun to write. :) Haunting Magic comes out Oct. 9th and I am very excited. :)

Raine D.

Helen Hardt said...

First of all, Raine, that cover is gorgeous! I'm so envious of your world building skills -- that's one of my struggles. Congratulations on your success!

Sarah Simas said...

RJV!! Nic!! Helen!!

How awesome you gals stopped by! ((hugs!))

Thanks again, Raine, for being here today. Seriously, I can't get over that cover!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!