Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome To Paradise With Beth Kery!!!

Well, ALOHA!!

Another week is sinking into the abyss and good times are on the rise. Wanna escape to the islands? Wade in the water? Feel the sand between your toes? I know I'd love a frosty beverage with a tiny umbrella right about now!

Grab a beach chair and let's hail that speedo-sporting Cabana Boy, because the fantabulous BETH KERY is chillin' with the newbies today! She's going to lay some awesome tips on us about world building, love scenes, and more.

October 6th was the release date for Beth's newest scorcher, PARADISE RULES. She's a fabulous author with the backlist to prove it! Ain't we lucky TLNers?!

And away we go. . .

1) If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

Many faces; many facets.

Beth Kery couldn't decide if she was a geeky academic or a sexy sophisticate, so she decided to be both...and began the adventure of a lifetime.

Okay, it was a short blurb. lol.

2) Using three words, describe your voice.

Taut, flowing, passionate

3) What's the best advice you've ever received in regards to your writing/career?

Denise Agnew once told me during an article I was doing to always write what you love. If you stray from that mission, you might have some short term success. But in the end, you'll lose the spark and come to hate what you're doing.

4) Get it to me, baby! Is there a hard part to writing a love scene? (pun intended *wink wink*) Maybe tracking the flow- let's face it there's a lot parts in action. Or maybe making sure you don't repeat terms and actions in a subsequent scene. Is there pressure to make each scene seem like the earth moved?

I think of all scenes as being character-driven, and for me, that's true for love scenes as well. I actually don't think it's all that difficult to write love scenes. They sort of just seem to happen as a result of the plot and characterization. I think it helps to have the whole book sexy. What I mean by that, is obviously you have many scenes that aren't sexual. But if the thoughts and feelings of the central characters occasionally go to sex or attraction, it doesn't seems so jarring when they suddenly are getting it on, and there's this large departure in the language used.

5) What's your favorite writer's reference and why?

Um..(kicking floor in embarrassment) I really don't read writer's references. I probably should, but I'm working almost every minute of the day seven days a week, so if I have a free moment, I'm not too interested in reading technical type books. I do enjoy reading the writing articles in RWR.

6) In your opinion, should a new writer worry about building their Platform while writing their book? Or should they just wait until they've written "The End."?

By Platform, do you mean getting their name out there and doing promo work? My honest opinion is that you should focus on your writing first. I know others would disagree, but I find for myself--and I've heard plenty of authors say something similar--doing promo work is amazingly distracting. It can be entertaining doing chats and making a pretty website or blog. But in the end, you have to have product to be doing marketing. While some would say the product is both author and her books, in the beginning, the package is a bit one-dimensional if you don't have the book. If you get too caught up in doing promo stuff, it can be fun, but it might take the focus off your primary directive, which is writing. Or at least it should be.

7) What's your favorite part about writing? Word choices, world building, plot, etc.

Characterization. I think of plot as being a sort of skeleton; if it's a decent one, you've got a solid structure. But for me, plots and even world building, are hollow without the characters, which breathe the book into life. Don't get me wrong, the skeleton is crucial, but it's not as rewarding for me as the characterization.

8) What can fans expect in the future from Beth Kery?

Paradise Rules, a very sexy contemporary from Berkley Heat comes out October 6! I also have a short novella coming out in time for Christmas at Samhain called Holiday Bound. Up in February, I have a contemporary erotic suspense from Berkley Heat called Release.

Here's a blurb for PARADISE RULES to wet your whistle:

She didn’t believe in paradise…

To most people Hawaii’s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality. But for Lana Rodriguez who grew up there, the picture-perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars. Now a successful blues singer, Lana’s returning to Waikiki with a different outlook on the past, and a bold defiance when it comes to men, romance,and sex. This time, it’s on her terms.

Until she found it in him.

Local celebrity, businessman and island god, Jason Koa, may be every woman’s dream. For Lana, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Though their start is rocky, they can’t deny the passions they arouse in each other. Jason refuses to become Lana’s pawn. It’s time to show her who makes the rules on this island—and in the bedroom. But will Jason’s attempt at breaking Lana’s shell reveal secrets that neither are prepared to face, or will they allow themselves to get swept away by a tidal wave of desire?

Click here to read an excerpt of PARADISE RULES.

What an awesome send off into the weekend! Just scopin' out that cover makes me want to head to the tropics. I'd like to thank Beth for being here with us today. Be sure to check out Beth's website/blog for info on her books.

MaHalo, TLN'ers!! Here's hopin' your weekend is fun-filled and wild (as wild as it can get for October! lol) Here's a bangin' beat to get your good times rollin'! Pass me that frosty drink, because
IT'S FIVE O' CLOCK SOMEWHERE!! Sing to me to the islands, Jimmy and Alan!
Catch ya'll back next week!


beth kery said...

Thank you having me here, Sarah. And congrats on the placement in the Golden Gateway contest. Yep, good reason for a frosty drink. :)

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Beth! 1) for letting me grill ya! lol and 2) for being such a sweetie! :o)

Mary G said...

Hi Sarah & Beth
Beth I learn more about you with every interview. You could make a living writing blurbs!! I love what you said about sex scenes not being difficult to write. Since your stories are so passionate & emotional, the character interactions are like "foreplay" & I think that's why everything flows so well. Paradise Rules is a wonderful book & the first book ever where I just drooled over the scenery too. You made it so real, like I was there in Hawaii. Best wishes.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Lovely interview Beth and Sarah. It's always a pleasure to come by.

Beth, your books sound wonderul. I wish you the best. Thanks for sharing.

Lea said...

Wonderful interview with Beth Sarah on your lovely blog. Thank you for sharing with us and have a lovely weekend.

Paradise Rules, indeed takes a reader for a trip to "paradise" with Lana and Jason.