Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Rockin' the RWR. . .

Some how the stars aligned and I managed to read an entire article . . . undisturbed.

I know, I know. I should buy a lotto ticket because I'm one lucky broad!

The recipient of my undivided attention was Jacqueline Diamond's TEN THINGS A NOVELIST LEARNED FROM TEACHING WRITING in this month's edition of RWA's Romance Writer Report.

Talk about a Cliff's Notes version of everything my CP's have been smacking me over the head with for the last year! Seriously!

1. Action=Reaction- Check.
5. Dialogue edicts- Check, Check
8. Watch the Exposition- Check Mate

Those were just the recent pickings I've got dinged with. There were seven other items listed in the article and I can safely say, I'm well acquainted with them, too!

I swear I heard a band of angels singing as I read this piece- and those celestial beings were belting out a chorus of, "I Saw The Sign!" (lol now, how many of you are going to be humming that little Ace of Base ditty all day?!)

The Learning Curve for newbies is full of twists and switch backs. That's why a critique group or mentor is so important to a novice writer. I navigated Ms. Diamond's words with ease and total understanding because I had the four voices of my CP's chirping my head. . . kind of like the TomTom lady.

It wasn't that I doubted what my gals had been telling me.

No, it was like I was finally getting to apply what they'd been teaching me. This experience brought back memories of milking cows back in college. I was learning all about lactation as I was in there hookin' up those four-legged hussies. So, imagine my delight the semester I had Physiology of Lactation and I could keep up with my professor's lectures. I got all tingly and felt every neuron snapping wake in my brain. Everything I'd been learning in that milk barn finally clicked!

I got same tingly feeling reading this article. It was exciting and dare I sound trite, but my heart raced!

And THAT, my friends, is why I'll be back at the Friday Night Write round table this week geared up and hungry for more!

So tell me, when was the last time something clicked for you?


Carol North said...

Can't remember the last time something clicked for me. So either I'm never clicking or am in a constant state of click.:)

Enjoyed your article--it made me think.

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks,Carol! LOL So many times, I've sat back and thought, "Am I ever going to get this stuff?!"

And then, slappy me silly! It happened.

Helen Hardt said...

Hi Sarah! As you know, I work as a freelance editor, and Jacqueline is so right -- you learn so much by teaching others!

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Helen!

A teacher learning from the student was another interesting tidbit in the article. I thought it was a wonderful twist! Nice to know newbies have a purpose. LOL

Cari Quinn said...

I so need to read my RWR...I'm like four months behind! LOL

Sarah Simas said...

Like I said, Cari, it's a rare day when I get read a full article! Boy, was I glad it happened to be this one. LOL