Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get Tempted By Tawny Weber!!

Well, howdy-do and welcome back!

Hope the holidays treated you right and you're geared up and ready to go!

Tawny Weber is here to jump start TLN's 2010! Her latest release, YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS, is a title I can certainly appreciate. Ah, but that's a entirely different story, now ain't it . . .

I had the good fortune to meet Tawny last summer at one my RWA chapter meetings. Since we're kissing and telling, let me just say I found the lovely Ms. Weber to have a wicked sense of humor and to be as friendly as all-get-out. I knew she'd be a perfect canidate for the Hot Seat!

So, get your tinkers-tinking because Tawny's here to tickle our fancy with some terrific tips!

1) If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

A definite page turner. Fast-paced and funny, with layers of emotional depth.

2) Using three words, describe your voice.

Sassy, sexy, emotional

3) How do you organize your writing? Do you write extensive notes? Or do you just pantz it?

I write a detailed synopsis for my editor, then create a plotting board that I hang on the wall in front of my computer monitor. Then I promptly forget it and start writing. It takes me awhile to get the first three chapters solid- they are the foundation of the story and characters and until I know the characters voices well, its a struggle to write. Usually by the time I'm finished with chapter three, the rest of the story flies.

4) What's been the biggest hurdle you've had to overcome in your career?

I've been blessed so far, for which I'm very thankful. It took me 4 years to sell my first book, but once I did, things have gone pretty smoothly. I write for a line I love and am lucky to keep selling books. If I had to define a hurdle, I'd say its been learning to balance it all. Life and the demands of family with the writing itself and the many facets of promotion required to get those books to move off the shelves.

5) What is your favorite aspect of writing? Plotting? Characters? Conflict?

I love the characters. Who they are, why they do what they do. There is always an emotional trigger, a button that will push them into conflict. Its fascinating to explore just what that button is and find different ways to push it.

6) Any tips for the newbies out there on querying agents and publishers?

Do your research!! There is so much out there - so many publishers these days, so many agents, and so little information. Ask around, talk to people. Hopefully, talk to the agents and editors that you're interested in to see if the fit is right. That saying "a bad agent is worse than no agent" is painfully true. With the myriad of publishing venues, its important to really look into your choices and make sure you know that the decision you're making is one you'll be happy with in a year or so.

7) What's on deck for Tawny Weber in 2010?

Woot! A whole new year. 2009 was great, but I'm thrilled to see 2010 get here. I have three books out this year with Harlequin Blaze. A Forbidden Fantasy (title still being decided on ) in September and I'm one of the three authors in the Blaze Christmas Anthology in December. This month I'm so excited to be a part of the Blazing Bedtime Story anthology with Tori Carrington. My story is a naughty twist on the Frog Prince, called YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS.

In addition to my releases, I'm teaching a few workshops and hanging out on the Blaze Authors blog ( ) , as well as the Romance Bandits ( ). I also try to keep things fun on my own blog with a monthly hunk contest and a weekly Quick Six interview with other authors ( .

Three releases this year is fantastic!! Hankerin' for a taste of Tawny's writing? Dine on this tidbit from YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS, my friend!

“What?” Jordan asked, trying not to sound as defensive as she felt. As soon as Sebastian thought he had the upper hand, he'd go right back to nagging her to leave. “There's only room for one Golden Boy, and you've got that position nailed.”

“What a stupid title,” he muttered.

Jordan's smile widened. Walking through the room, she made sure he had plenty of towels and blankets. Then she headed for the door.

“What's the matter,” she teased. “You didn't know that was your primary designation at Machismo? Closely followed by Stud King, of course.”

She expected him to laugh. Instead he looked as if she'd punched him in the belly and called him a pansy.

“What?” she asked, her hand on the doorknob. No wonder she always ended up with losers. She obviously didn't know how to talk with men. “I'm not poking fun at your masculinity or anything.”

He got this weird look on his face. Almost like panic. Then it was replaced by a set, determined expression that sent a trickle of worry down her spine. Kind of like the kind she got when someone told her she couldn't do something. A look that warned, 'Oh, yeah? Watch me.'

Brow furrowed, he strode slowly toward her. Jordan didn't know why, but she suddenly wanted to run. Stupid. She wasn't afraid of Sebastian Lane. Except...maybe she was a little afraid of that look on his face. And the way her body reacted to it.

Her thighs quivered. Warmth trickled from her suddenly beaded and aching nipples to deep in her belly. She forced herself to keep breathing normally as he stopped just a few inches from her.

Jordan swallowed, looking up to meet Sebastian's gaze. A wicked glint sparked in his eyes, but beneath it she saw something else. Something edgy. Dangerous. Sexy as hell.

“Is that why you won't leave, Princess?” he murmured, planting one hand on the wall next to her head and leaning closer, so the warmth of his body wrapped around her like a silken blanket. “You're wanting to find out for yourself just how studly I am?”

“Yeah, right,” she dismissed, shooting for sardonic. Instead, she sounded breathless and needy. It was hard to care, though, with Sebastian's mouth just inches from hers. She stared, noting the laugh lines fanning from those hypnotic eyes and the dark whiskers starting to shadow the sharp edge of his jaw.

“Do you listen to the gossip often? All those whispered reports about how I like it in bed? Whether I'm a traditional, missionary style kind of guy? Or if I play on the kinky side?”

“Who whispers,” she said, her eyes locked on his lips. Smooth, full and enticing, they were right there, tempting her to do something stupid. “The talk about you is done in giggles and shouts. And traditional is the last word associated with your preferences.”

“And you're wondering?”

“Only about your stamina.”

His grin was fast, appreciative and the final straw for Jordan. She couldn't stop herself. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip. Just the tip of it.

That's all it took. Sebastian's eyes went from amused to molten. Then he lowered his head. Excitement did a happy sprint through Jordan's tummy, her heart keeping pace. Desire, hot, wild and intense flamed through her.


Like a whisper, his lips brushed hers. Just barely a taste, a hint of the decadent deliciousness yet to come. Her breath lodged tight in her chest. Her heart pounded so hard she was sure he could feel it against his mouth.

Then he pulled back. Eyes closed, he shook his head and turned away. Jordan almost screamed in protest. She wanted her kiss, dammit. It was all she could do not to grab him back as he strode toward the bed.

Better wrap that in a tortilla 'cause it's a hunk a spicy-goodness! I'm so digging this excerpt! Wowza!

I'd like to give Tawny a big ole hug for hanging out with the newbies today! If you'd like to know more about the delicious Tawny Weber, click on over to her
website and take a gander.

A very big THANK-YA Kindly goes out to you, TLN'ers, for sticking around for another year! To get your kisser ready for the weekend here is the video from 1991's Mermaid (love that movie!) with Cher singing
IT'S IN HIS KISS! Take care and we'll smooch ya' later!!


Donna O'Brien said...

Hey Tawny, great interview. Glad Sarah talked you into it. We really enjoyed you at YRW meeting. You'll have to come hang out with us again soon! Loved the excerpt!

Thanks for the great advice and here's to hoping your 2010 is filled with all kinds of success! ;)

Sarah --

As always, GREAT INTERVIEW!!! You do an awesome job, my friend. :) See ya in a couple of weeks, lady.

Donna O'Brien

Cari Quinn said...

Awesome interview! I'm so happy to see Tawny here...I'm a huge fan of her work and fervently hope we'll be line mates one day. ;) I'm new to her books, but they're now autobuys for me. And I loved the excerpt of You Have To Kiss A Lot of Frogs! :)

Best of luck to you in the future, Tawny...keep writing the books, I'll keep buying them!

Laurean Brooks said...

Great start to a new year, Sarah. Fantastic interview!

Tawny, sounds like you have a wacky sense of humor. And I admire anyone who can commit to full-time writing.

I need to dig my knees in and get this current WIP finished. Where DOES the time go?

Laurean's Lore:

Sarah Simas said...

HI Donna!

I can't wait to hang out at the YRW meeting! It's one of the highlights of my month. Thanks for clicking over!

Heya Cari!

I was an avid frog fan- had them all over my apartment- until I got the hubby-man and he said they creeped him out. Silly man, scared of a little frog!lol I definitley want a copy! Isn't the cover vintage looking?

Hi Lauren,

Thank you! Time would definitely be on my wish-list, if you could buy time over-the-counter. Oh, the stuff I could get done! Best wishes for finishing your WIP! You can do it!

lainey bancroft said...

Fun interview, ladies!

Sarah, I agree about the cover, it has the flavor of the historicals but...newer. Very appealing.

The blurb is great, Tawny, and with you and Tori Carrington 'between the covers' the book is a sure fire winner!

Emma Lai said...

What a great way to start out such a cold day!

Tawny said...

Sarah, thanks so much for having me here to visit :-) You do such a fun interview, it was a pleasure.

Donna - It was so fun to meet you all, too. You have an incredible chapter. And as a matter of fact, I'll be back in March to talk about writing emotions :-) I'm really looking forward to it. 2010 is already shaping up to be a fun one -I hope we all see wonderful success this year!!

Tawny said...

Cari :-) Thank you so much!! Fingers crossed that we're line mates soon, as well. Did you know Brenda Chin will be speaking tomorrow at the SFARWA chapter? ;-) Just sayin'...

Tawny said...

Thanks Laurean :-) I hope that sense of humor appeals to readers *g*

Full-time writing is a juggle, definitely. I homeschool as well, so my days are filled to the brim. If anyone figures out how to sell time over the counter (great idea, Sarah!!) I'd buy it by the caseload.

Tawny said...

Sarah, I hope you'll be at the March meeting - I'd love to thank you in person for such a fun interview :-) You have a great blog here!

Tawny said...

Thanks, Lainey. I adore this cover. Its totally fairytale romance meets sexy *g* Its my favorite so far for sure.

Tawny said...

Hi Emma :-) I hope the rest of your day stays warm and happy.

Sarah Simas said...

Ha! Of course, I'll be there, Tawny! It's my "get out of jail free card". LOL This mama loves flying the coop and the ladies in my chapter are totally worth the cash in. :)

Can't wait to see you again!

Helen Hardt said...

Tawny, great to meet you -- I really enjoy your work!