Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday Morning News

Well, well, well, are you rested and relaxed from your weekend?

Mine flew by so fast, I think it might have been a dream! One thing for certain, my Friday night CP group was very rejuvenating. It was great to reconnect with my friends and climb back into the saddle.

One of the major things we discussed was Internal/External Conflict. Very interesting to hear our different perspectives on such a very important element of writing. Click on over to check out our round table discussion.

I posted last week that I'd been working diligently on reshaping my characters' conflicts. Well, my work is paying off in spades. With the help of the WIP workbook and the Plot Structure worksheet from Kimberley Killion's fabulous website, I gained a whole new perspective of where I was going with my story.


I spent my down-time this weekend re-doing my bulletin board into a Plotting Board. I wish I could bottle the feeling of stepping back and viewing "my baby" there on the wall laid out like a masterpiece. Definitely a moment of awe. Ha! Now comes the hard part . . . building onto the chassis!

There's my news in a nutshell, what kind of progress did you make this weekend?


Kaye Manro said...

I love these posts about your writing. It sounds like you had a very productive meeting.

My writing progress? I'm working on the second in the Forbidden love series, Forbidden Destiny. I'm also working on my excerpts.

You go! I have a feeling you're going to do great this year!

Between The Lines & More said...

My sewing design board doubles as my plotting board whenever I'm devising the plot for a new book. I cut lots of pictures from catalogs etc. and use them along with index cards with pertinent scene information. I get a lot of inspiration from those photos that help keep the scene information real to me. Enjoyed your post. Keep writing.

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Kaye!

I'm trying to keep myself productive. Keeping it all fresh in my mind seems to be working best so far. ;) Loved your excerpt this morning! Seriously awesome writing!

Sarah Simas said...


That is too cool! Your quilt design was gorgeous. I think that's is so interesting- using one form of creativity to spark another. Ha! Usually I get my creative ideas doing the dishes or changing diapers! LOL Your way sounds definitely more fun! :)

Eliza Knight said...

Great post Sarah and congrats on all the work you accomplished! I'll have to go check out the plot structure worksheet. I did pretty much nothing this weekend :) Unless you count reading and watching movies!

Micole Black said...

I did nothing this weekend except spend much needed time with out of town family. But back to work today!!!


Cheryl said...

Hi Sarah,

Wow, I could feel the energy in your post! Made me want to jump up and get back to my writing--I've been playing on the computer this afternoon--bad Cheryl! LOL

I had a really good week this past week. I had a release the first week in December with The Wild Rose Press that I'd not gotten ONE review on! BUT, I got TWO in one day just a couple of days ago! And they were both great, AND both had something to the effect that they had wished the story was that got me to thinking about maybe expanding that story into a novel. Also got a review for Fire Eyes that I was not expecting--again, a very good review that made me happy. AND, I went to B&N and picked up the FEB. issue of RT and my review for Time Plains Drifter was in there-- 4 1/2STARS!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! I taught two classes this weekend and that always gets me pumped up, and so today I've been thinking about which project I want to get back to first, as I'm working on edits for my first contemporary novel due out this year with TWRP: SWEET DANGER. I was on the go all weekend, so this is the first chance I've had to sit down and think (rub two sane thoughts together, as I always say...) LOL
That's all my Monday news! I am going to try what you talked about with the worksheets, etc. I need something like that, I think.I'm going to pop over and read about internal/external conflict now!
I'm Chatty Cathy today!(Too much Dr. Pepper...)

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Eliza!

I did that, too! I couldn't resist watching TV with hubs after the kids were in bed. Have to snag the chance to watch TV sans Wonder Pets when presented! :)

Sarah Simas said...

Ha! Better get crackin', Micole! You have a blog to do tomorrow. LOL Hope your trips was fun though. I'd love to get away. Sheesh! Now I sound like an 80's song.LOL

Sarah Simas said...

Cheryl, you have so much pep!! If Dr. Pepper does that I may have to switch from Diet Coke. You crack me up, lady!

Congrats on the RT review- that is definitely worth a fancy dinner out. :)

Helen Hardt said...

Sarah, reading your posts is so energizing! I need to get cracking.

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Helen!

Ain't that funny? You inspire me! LOL

Viola Estrella said...

I really need to check out that WIP notebook. You all have me intrigued. And I'll try anything that makes plotting a little easier. :-)

Cari Quinn said...

Great to see you rockin' and rollin', Sarah! I see lots of big things ahead for you this year. :)

Diane Craver said...

Interesting post! Just what I needed. I haven't started anything new so you inspired me by reading what you've done.

Will check out about the characters' conflicts.

Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah Simas said...

Hiya Viola!!

Jeannie hit the ball out of the park with that one. You'll like it. :)

Cari, you're such a doll! Right back at ya, babe! lol

Thanks for swinging by, Diane! Posting my progress is helping to keep me honest. LOL

June Rodriguez said...

Sarah I love when you find such wonderful things to share. I love the WIP notebook. I feel like I have found the holy grail and it is telling me all its secrets.