Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Morning News!!

Good morning, TLN'ers!!

Did your weekend leave you eager for the new week to start? Boy, howdy, mine sure did! Busy, busy!

This weekend went by in blur and mine started on Thursday with attending a Brad Paisley concert! Smokin' hot is all I can say. Smokin' hot show! Friday brought about a meeting with Dr. McDreamy and the date is set. Chocolate, oh, how I have missed thee! In two weeks, we shall be reunited, my love! lol

My son's surgery is this week, so if I'm light on visiting your blogs bear with me. I'll catch up as soon as I can. This Friday is my day to blog at Mama Writers and I will be giving up the deets on MAMAS BOYS and how my little guy is doing. So, swing on by MW and show me some love on 2/26! (Don't worry, I'll still have an author roasting in the Hot Seat here at TLN!)

Saturday was FUNx200! I rode to the Yosemite Romance Writers meeting with my good friend Sharon Lathan. It's so inspiring chatting up the wonderful world of writing with friends, ain't it? Author JAMI ALDEN was our speaker and she was fantastic! It was like she was speaking straight to me. Her segment was on staying motivated ( I gobble those words up, believe me!) and figuring out what writing is to you. Career or hobby?

I definitely walked away with my batteries recharged! Be not afraid, I asked her for an interview. I'm on it! :)

The day wasn't over yet. Sharon asked me to join her for the Jane Austen Society's book chat. What a blast! There were over 30 people sipping tea from gorgeous china tea cups and munching on cute little sandwiches all while discussing Pride and Prejudice. A perfectly awesome way to cap off the day!

As for progress on In Pursuit of Love, I managed 1012 words!! Nothing like getting back in the saddle, eh?!

So, dish it up! What did YOU do this weekend?


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Sarah ;)

More of the same -- work, work, work. My edits arrived, and they are going to keep me busy for a while.

Great to hear you got back in the saddle, and I hope things go smoothly with your son!

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Will definitely keep your son in my prayers this week, Sarah--and I consider a blog about momma's boys a must read, LOL. I'll be there!

Kaye Manro said...

You had a way too fun busy weekend. Probably a good way to prepare for the week ahead. You are something-- I'd not be able to do anything if I had a child going into hospital!

You did good with the writing-- esp. with all the activity!

Good luck to the little guy this week.

Sarah Simas said...


Goodness, lady, you're up early! I was still snoozing at 5:50am. Glad to hear your edits arrived! I think that is so cool! One day, one day . . . LOL I trust his doctor, so that's half the worry. Thanks for your kind words. :)

Hi Nic!!

Thanks! I appreciate that A LOT! I know getting ear tubes is a pretty common procedure, but he's my baby! lol Love ya, Nic!

Sarah Simas said...

Thanks, Kaye!

His surgery in on Thursday and is an outpatient. I'm so glad. Hospitals give me the heebie-jeebies! It was a fun weekend! I look forward to my meeting weekends all month. It's my "Me Time" adventures. :) Makes for a crazy weekend, but it's so worth it!

Kaily Hart said...

Hi Sarah. My weekend? Let's see school carnival and a round of kids birthday parties! Hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, oh my!! Sounds like yours was fab. This weekend? I'm camping overnight with girl scouts at a Seaquarium. 16 giggling girls. All night. In a sleeping bag. Limited coffee. You're all envious, right?

Good luck with your son and congrats on the writing!

Helen Hardt said...

Sarah, I'll be keeping your son in my thoughts. I know firsthand that it's never fun when your little one has surgery. They're such troopers, though. He'll be over it way before you are!

Cari Quinn said...

Hope everything goes well with your son, Sarah. Big hugs...and congratulations on your continued progress with In Pursuit of Love! :)