Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

Fa-la-la-la-la, it's Hump Day!!

How is the productivity meter going, TLN'ers?? You stickin' with your goals??

What about my goals, you ask? Well, if I keep with my current pace, I should be done by mid-May! Not a bad thought, huh? That would mean I'd have roughly four months to polish my MS for the Golden Heart. WOWZA!

I'm planning on having a big blog party when I write "THE END"! So, I welcome you to pester me and inquire about my productivity, because I definitely want to celebrate soon!


I've been doing some "research reading" while waiting in doctor's offices and have seen a variety of styles and voices. Be they debut author or an author in possession of a back list ten miles long, each has some sort of "mojo" that snags our attention and makes us yearn for their next release.

What is it about the authors YOU like that keeps you coming back for more?

Tomorrow is my boy's surgery, so keep your fingers crossed for us! :)


Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Sarah,
We'll keep you little guy in our thoughts. Keep up the pace and get this book done. I can't wait to read it.
An author with a smooth style, but always something new, even a new twist on an old theme, keeps me coming back for more.

Sarah Simas said...


Thank you so much! :)

I agree with you 100%! I have my favorite plot points that will always having me re-reading a book for years to come. (like all Johanna Lindsey's books!) LOL

Nicole McCaffrey said...

Productivity? Not so great, feeling a bit burned out by life. But I'll get over it, LOL.

Reading. Sigh. I think I remember doing that once or twice, LOL. It's a fast-paced plot and characters I really care about that keeps me coming back. If they make me laugh, that's a huge plus.
And yep, Johanna does all of the above incredibly well.

Keeping you and your little one in my thoughts.

Carol North said...

I'm certain your little boy will do well. The tubes greatly helped my son.

Lately, I've been into research so am buying books from that period.

Looking forward to the "THE END" party.

EA said...

I know what the feeling is like of completing that story that's just taken a little longer than you would have liked it to. It feels GOOD. You go ahead and throw that party.

Hope your little guy is doing 100% and then some. :)

MarthaE said...

Hi Sarah! Hope you and little one are doing well this week!
Good job on working steady on your book! I'll look forward to your party!

Good Q and I have just been thinking on it as I read some wonderful books this week from repeat authors and new authors. I think the bottom line on going back for more from the same author is whether I have been engaged by the characters and a good plot helps too. If I get wrapped into the lives of the characters enough to feel emotional about them then that is the hook I think!

Cari Quinn said...

For me, I like a fast pace. If I can't put a book down, that's an author I'll seek out again and again.

Best of luck with your son's surgery today! *hugs*

Micole Black said...

First and fore most... hoping things went well with his surgery!

Good luck on your goals to writing THE END on your manuscript in May! I will be cheering you along!