Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rocking Out With Rebecca Rose!!

It's finally Friday!! Wah-Hoo!

If the week has given you a Smack-Down, well, you've come to the "write" place!!

Sit back and let the charming Rebecca Rose revamp your battery!

Go snag a snack and slip into a comfy seat. It's time to let TLN take your cares away . . .

1) If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

Rebecca Rose needs a day off, but will she get one? Her first novel, Divine Turmoil hit the eBook world in November of 2009. Now her follow up, Divine Redemption is coming out at the end of the summer and she can’t be more ecstatic. She’s blurb editing for Lyrical Press Inc., she’s guest blogging for author friends, and reviews books in between car pools, orthodontist appointments, and class trips for her three children.

But what about that bath she wanted to take last night? Will she get it in? Will she be able to do the ten loads of laundry that sits in waiting for her at the bottom of the shoot? And will she ever feel the satisfaction of getting the third book in her series, Divine Valor, finished?

There’s one thing standing in Rebecca Rose’s way, the knowledge that her well obtained balance of work and life has been disrupted by the continuous chatter of characters begging for attention. Will she be able to ignore them and stay on her path of stability or will she have to stop in mid-editing to pacify the nagging needs of the voices?

LOL I’m such a blurb snot! I even made sure to keep this under 200 words!!

2) Using three words, describe your voice.

Soft, sensual, and caring.

3) What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your writing?

My fear of success. Yes, you read that right. I was afraid after I achieved what I set out to do I wouldn’t keep doing what I loved. I’ll try anything once and I didn’t want this to be one of those things that drifted away with a passing breeze. Of course, this would be up to me in the end, but “then what?” I would ask my self. “What do I do after I’ve accomplished my goal?” I answered this by saying, “Well Becc, lets see if you can do it again!” And I have, multiple times.

4) What's your secret to staying motivated and productive?

A lot of caffeine! Just joking. LOL I’m a self motivator; always have been. When I find myself slacking that’s when I know I need to take a day off. Then I don’t give myself an option, I get right back to work. If you’re out in a work atmosphere you can’t be wishy-washy about working, so you can’t do it working at home either. That and a timer. Without a timer I tend to spend too much time promoting or editing. I allow so much time for certain things. It works well for me.

5) Do you have any tips for the newbies out there on how to build a platform for their writing?

Don’t be overly shy like I was in the beginning. Speak LOUD AND CLEAR. Authors love helping other authors. If you need something ask. Advice, guest spots, direction, whatever it is your voice is one of your greatest assets, use it! Get out there and make a lot of noise.

6) What can Rebecca Rose fans look forward to this year?

*giddy with excitement* Divine Redemption is coming out later this year and I can’t wait. I wrote this novel in two and half weeks and it was so much fun. I think my readers are going to love it. There’s action, suspense, and of course those wonderful love scenes!


Sometimes Redemption Is The Only Salvation Needed To Forgive Yourself.

In his first ever selfless act Donald Write takes a bullet for a man he just met, Daniel Allen. Now he's changed his name and moved across the country to live with Daniel’s family whose welcoming home reception wasn't very warm.

Jacqueline is Daniel’s daughter. This soft spoken, well dressed lady soon teaches Donald that looks can be deceiving and her heart can be his if he’s willing to open up and except her gift of love.

Donald hadn't counted on the intense and immediate attraction to Jacqueline. She’s the boss’s daughter and off limits; that is until he finds himself with an irresistible primal need to be with her. She shows him love in away he's never felt before and gives him the strength to become the better man he's always wanted to be. But how can Donald touch and care for someone so pure of heart when their future can be destroyed by his past? A future built on redemption and second chances.

Well, now! Doesn't that just whet your appetite?! I'd like to thank Rebecca for letting me interview her. Don't ya just love her book cover? Talk about a divine color scheme!

You can find Rebecca Rose’s first novel ‘Divine Turmoil’ at her website or at Once Upon a Book Store

THANK YOU, TLN'ers! As always your swinging by is much appreciated! Here's a little
Faith Hill rockin' THE WAY YOU LOVE ME!! Take care and have a fantabulous weekend!

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Anne Patrick said...

I enjoyed the interview. I have to confess...I need my caffeine to keep me motivated. Congrats on your success, Rebecca!

lainey bancroft said...

You have a laundry shoot? Cool! I've been trying to train the dogs to transport laundry--they are retrievers after all. Sadly, this only results in a lot of odd socks.

Congrats, Rebecca.Awesome cover, great blurb and I love the title!

As always, a fun interview, Sarah.

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Anne!

You are not alone! I need caffeine, too. Heaven help the world if I don't get any. A mommy monster will emerge! :)

Thanks for hanging out with us!

Sarah Simas said...

Heya Lainey!

I'm jealous of her laundry shoot, too! All the dirty laundry goes into a cart in my room. *sigh* Nothing like waking up every day and seeing what's first on the to-do list! LOL

I've finally got the hubs trained, now I just have work on the kiddos. :)

Kaily Hart said...

Sarah, great interview and congratulations Rebecca. I can SO relate to the fear of success thing. I just posted on my blog about that yesterday. I couldn't understand WHY I was hesitating over my revision request. Yep. It was not fear of failure (cause aspiring writers get used to that), it was fear of success, that this was it. And then what happens?? Great post.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sarah and Rebecca,

GREAT INTERVIEW! Rebecca, I can relate to the fear of success thing, too. I think we spend a good deal of time fearing it WON'T happen, and then fearing it WILL, and can we do it over and over again? LOL Your books look great, and I know you are thrilled to be having a new one coming out in the near future. You wrote it in 2 1/2 weeks???? MG, woman! You are a powerhouse!


Rebecca Rose said...

Thank you everyone for coming by!

Yup, I still have the trusty laundry shoot. But believe me when I say all the clothes don't go down it. As if the cretins don't see the mess on the bathroom floor! I refuse to believe I was like that as a child. LOL

The fear of success is one I think many authors understand. Finally a good friend of mine kicked my butt and told me that I was wasting my talent and her time. A good friend hits below the belt! LOL It worked and I gave myself a year to get a publisher. Found one in four months. Of course that was after two years of countless queries. Guess it just wasn't the right time back then. :)

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Rebecca and Sarah,
Fun interview and I loved the personal blurb. LOL Congrats on the release and the laundry shoot. Hope the kids don't discover it's fun to take the laundry down it head first.

Rebecca Rose said...

LOL Rebecca I assure you the kids are too big and the hole too small for them to take the shoot feet first let alone head. LOL But the youngest I've always worried about. He's the kid who gets his head stuck in everything!
Thanks for coming by. :)

Cari Quinn said...

Sorry I'm late, ladies. Awesome interview! Rebecca, the cover of Divine Trouble is gorgeous! Wishing much success to you...and when in doubt, caffeine never hurts! ;)