Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

Well, we've made it to Hump day!

Week going good? Grrreat!

I've been plugging along, which is progress, I supposed. Last week, I racked up that lovely 3K and this week . . . well, I think 1000 is pushing it. Sheesh! Darn you real life! Just when I think I've got things ironed out . . . wham! Not to worry, I'm very confident I'll make up my quota by Friday. (Come *bleep* or high water, huh?!)

I had a friend loan me a voice recorder to listen to a couple of books on tape while I'm on the go. Who has 'walkmans' anymore?! lol Well, I decided to put the thing to better use. I've been recording the chapters I've been writing to listen to as I drive or while I'm doing my mommy-work.

At first, it was kind of weird hearing my words put to a voice, but let me tell you, it has totally helped me catch troubled areas and kept my train of thought on task. I know exactly where I am when I sit down to write and more importantly, where I'm going.

What kind of methods do you employ to keep your creativity going?

As far as story line . . . Bradford has been given a little more edge. I thought he needed a little more in the way of 'baggage'. He just didn't seem like his conflict had enough starch in it to cause friction between him and Melanie. I like the change! The idea came to me in one of those frantic writer moments-- you know the kind where you're scrambling for a pen and any scrap of paper or tissue you can find.

In other news . . . all you 80's ladies, COREY HAIM died earlier this morning. It was on my AOL news page. I'm so bummed. I had a HUGE crush on him growing up. Even when he fell into ruin because of his habits, I still held a torch for the guy who stayed pinned up on my wall for the better part of my youth. When he and Corey Feldman had their reality show (short-lived as it was) The Coreys, I watched. It's hard to stop holding a flame for our girlish-crushes, huh? What a shame.


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Reading your work aloud--and listening to it-- is a great way to keep yourself in your story. What a great idea!

I tend to re-read from the beginning through what I have each time I hit a the five chapter mark. It helps me stay focused and motivated.

But yes, darn real life for the way it intrudes, LOL.

So sorry about Corey--I hadn't heard that yet. He was a little after my time, but I still know who he was. So sad!

J.A. Saare said...

I was so sad when I learned about Corey. So incredibly sad.

Real life -- I so understand. I got back to writing yesterday and kept getting interrupted. I hope today goes a bit better!


Between The Lines & More said...

Word count is so crazy. I got 500 last week, threw out 1500. Then yesterday I got 1000 great words written on my current WIP. Go Figure!

Ginny M. Christensen said...

Heya girlfriend,

So glad that recorder is being put to good use! I do that as well with my WIP. Have to laugh sometimes at not only my voice, but at some of the things you write when you're on a roll.

So glad you're feeling better and can manage to sit and type. So I guess the sore neck is healing?

Can't to wait to find out what baggage Bradford has to expose.

See you soon.

Rebecca J Vickery said...

Hi Sarah,
Great way to use that recorder. But when I hear my own voice on tape, I laugh too much to get anything done. Think cross between Dolly Parton and Betty Boop. LOL

But I do use the Text Aloud feature on my laptop. It really does help find bad spots and I can have it reading to me while I peel potatoes. (big grin)

A definite shame about all of the Hollywood folks we've lost lately. Is there something in the water? Or is life for them just that sad?

Sarah Simas said...

HI Nic!!!

I still reread before I write. I guess it's the OCD part of my personality!lol I have to double check everything. :)

When I got on the PC this AM, there was the new on my homepage. I loved him in Lucas and License To Drive. He always wanted to make a comeback and I always hoped he would. :(

Sarah Simas said...

Heya Jamie!

Ain't that the truth! Real life is such a kick in gut sometimes. I can be all pumped to write and then the No Nap Monster will strike. ARGH!

Sarah Simas said...

HI Lynda!

I so know what you're saying! I love getting the count, but hate the taking away part. YUCK! But good job on the wc! That is awesome!

Heya Ginny!

Yup! I love your recorder. You may have to rip it from my hands. *wink wink*

Depending on how much motrin I take, I can get stuff done. The doc had me do a CT scan last night. Hopefully, I'll know more today about what the heck happened to my neck. Doh!

Hope you're getting that WIP polished for our "contest season". LOL

Sarah Simas said...


Heya lady! ((hugs!))

I wonder if my mini pc has that feature. I'm gonna check that out ASAP! lol On the voice. Yeah, I wasn't nearly as sexy sounding as I thought. Oh no! LOL

It's so good to see ya!! :)

LK Hunsaker said...

Interesting editing/writing method! I know a lot of authors read their work aloud, but recording and listening is very creative. ;-)

I couldn't do it. First, I hate, and I mean really detest, reading aloud. It was only true love for my children that made me read to them when young. Second, I can't stand being read to. Didn't like it in grade school and still don't.

It is sad about Corey Haim. Too much enabling goes on in Hollywood with all the parties and money flow. You'd think they'd get tired of losing friends that way and knock it off.

請離開 said...
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Susan R. Mills said...

I always read my work out loud. I catch so much more doing that than just reading it in my head.