Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out With The Owls and Not Really Soarin' With The Eagles!

I'm LATE!! Yes, I am quite tardy getting today's post up. BUT I have an awesome excuse. I went to see ECLIPSE last night!!!

Yes, I was one of the weirdly devoted Twi-Moms who clamored in alongside tweenie and teenie boppers for the chance to oogle Jacob and that other guy, Edward. lol

My town ran a triple play, so I was standing my pregnant booty in the heat for almost two hours to watch Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. It was a fantastic night of girl talk and tons of sweets! I had a very cool posse of pals to hang with and that totally made the night special!

I think this installment to the Saga was by far the best! I really enjoyed the rivalry between the two boys (yes, boys! lol) However, there times I wished it were a Sookie Stackhouse book-turned-movie I was watching. LOL Especially when the tension between Bella and her suitors grew the point where I was like, "Ok, just kiss him already!!" Sheesh! Sometimes there is a lot to be said for being adult. *wink wink*

It was kind of funny when Edward was explaining his old fashioned views on sex (which is no spoiler to those who haven't seen the movie) and this dad in the crowd yelled, "AMEN!!" Everyone laughed! It was hilarious and I hope some of the youngsters in the crowd might have took something away from that. Maybe? Or I am too hopeful? LOL

Also, I was informed by an slightly older woman than I that was NOT a "cougar" for having a thing for Jacob, but a "puma" aka "A cougar-in-training"!!! OMG! My peeps and I just about died laughing! Hilarious!

So, now I am dragging booty since it was well after 2am when I got home. I didn't accomplish anything yesterday in regards to writing, cleaning, or laundry. *sigh* So, it's all waiting for me today! Yippee!

I know not a lot of authorial-type people don't dig the Twilight Saga, but I think it's a darn good story. Maybe the writing isn't anything superb, but think about it-- here was an aspiring author who just sat down and wrote. Sure it's a Cinderella story, but I have to give the lady props, because she turned on a whole generation of youth to reading!! That right there is a pretty sweet accomplishment, because those readers are going to mature and start looking for a love story with a more adult theme like: "enter YOUR book title here."LOL

Did anyone else brave the crowds to view the latest feather in Stephenie Meyer's cap?


Jennifer Shirk said...

My friend saw it last night with her daughter. She LOVED it and said it was way better than New Moon.

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Jennifer!! :)

LOL I saw New Moon SIX times in the theatre and had to put up with a lot of ribbin' from my hubby. While I loved that movie, I ADORE Eclipse. It was definitely worth baking my goodies in the hot valley sun for the two hours+ of oogling the wolf pack sans shirts. I was wondering why none of the boys in my High School looked like that! lol

Thanks for stopping by!

LaVerne Thompson said...

I'm an author and I love the Twilight saga. Yep saw the midnight showing with my girls and one of their friends. And have to agree it was awesome. But ahem, I wanted to toss Jacob over that darn cliff. I love absolutely love Edward.

And you're dead on about Meyer, she got an entire generation hooked on reading romance. Maybe these young women will take a page from these stories when they are old enough to really date and fall in love. Both Edward and Jacob would do anything to protect Bella. Something I hope they remember.

Sarah Simas said...

That's awsome that you were there with your girls! Too cool!

LOL On the axing Jacob. Isn't it funny how we're either/or and not both. Some of the shirts people were wearing that night were cracking me up! My fav was "Some day my prince will come" BUT the word prince was crossed out and substitued with "werewolf". I so wanted one! :)