Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Fourth and Gettin' Serious!

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Hope your holiday is fun, safe, and totally relaxing! I'm all about ice cold watermelon and some sort of macaroni salad. Yep, the cravings have started! LOL

Sometime during the weekend I want to watch The Patriot with hunkie-dunkie Mel Gibson. I'm thinking I might get up early and take the kids to the parade. I know they'll enjoy that! Shoot! I adore parades!

Besides celebrating my homeland's b-day of adopting the Declaration of Independence, I'm also going to be head to the computer pounding out my MS!! It's going to be a "working weekend" for me. My deadline to finish is OCTOBER 1st and I still have a lot to do. (Thanks to morning/all day sickness and intensive speech therapy sessions for my boy. *sigh*)

Here is my goal for Friday-Monday:
Write approx. 20pages. (That's 5 pages a day.)

It's no where close to getting me caught up. BUT swim lessons end today which means starting next week I'll be getting my afternoons back. YAY!!!

What about YOU? Do you have any plans for the weekend? Do any of them involve writing?


Stephanie McGee said...


Hope you have a good and productive weekend. I plan on writing when not working or hanging with family.

Sarah Simas said...

Well, good writing to you, Stephanie!

Hope you get a lot done and don't work too hard! :)

Anonymous said...
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Talina Perkins said...

Hi Sarah! Happy fourth to you too! Congratulations on expecting a new bundle of joy.

Writing is definitely in the mix for this weekend. I am sitting down to work out a schedule for myself with a personal deadline of December 1st. No nanowrimo for me this year...*sigh* Good luck with your deadline!


Kaily Hart said...

Happy 4th to you! Yeah, I'm with you on the watermelon :). We're just hanging at home with the kids and grilling (hopefully) if the rain lets up! Good luck on your deadline!!!