Sunday, August 1, 2010

Moanday Morning Musings!

Happy Moanday!

RWA '10 is over and is any one else feelin' amped up and ready to get their projects done??

I SURE AM!! Even though I didn't attend this year I had a blast experiencing it vicariously though all my peeps' FB and Twitter posts. At times, my excitement and wonder were conflicted with flat out pea green jealousy. LOL I can't wait to hear all the juicy details from my gal-pals.

I've been on a roll trying to get my MS completed. Then.......the latter part of this week happened. *sigh* Now, I'm behind schedule. RATS!!

Here's my counts so far:
7/24-7/28= 6,923 words

I feel awesome about crankin' the word count out, but wished I would have stayed with it for the rest of the week. Life just got too busy! I'm missing my old energy levels, but with the heat and being almost five months pregnant I can't seem to stay peppy for long!

No worries though! I'm going to get caught up and get ahead of schedule by this coming Sunday.

What about you? How was your productivity levels last week? Did you reach your weekly goals?

I posted a couple pics of the animals we saw at the zoo. Some of the critters definitely had a funk about them and I was very glad I've passed the "bad smells=morning sick" stage. LOL It would have made for a really, really long day!!

The giraffes had a new addition. LOL Their babies are born at 6ft tall! No thank you!

Kids loved the elephants. This was one of those critters w/ a very pleasant aroma-NOT! Cute, but stinky!

Kids loved this American Alligator. He was huge! LOL He made me think of Sharon Lathan's post last week about getting to eat a gator appetizer in New Orleans. He didn't look particularly yummy at this stage of the game maybe with a little butter and rice. I just don't wanna be the guy in charge of catching him!

This guy was my favorite. I've always loved Macaws. Maybe it has to do w/my adoration of Jimmy Buffet and rum. LOL

See you on Wednesday!! Happy writing!!


Anonymous said...

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Rula Sinara said...

Hi Sarah! I'd have to agree that pregnancy, heat, and zoo funk don't mix. I was very smell sensitive during my pregnancies. With the last one, my other kids were coloring deprived because I couldn't take the smell of crayons, LOL.

I spent most of the past week at RWA. It was fantastic, but the outdoor temps were definitely up there.

I hope you have a chance to kick up your feet and renew your energy!