Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whip-It UP Wednesdays!

Well, it ain't the greatest week, but certainly not the worst.

I found out yesterday my MS didn't final in a contest. LOL I'm still within my 24hrs of pity-partying and have probably over-dosed the baby on ice cream! Why is that those little frozen scoops of heaven really do make everything better? :)

I'm chalking up this "bump in the road" as another layer to making my skin as thick as that alligator I saw at the zoo. What else is there do, but press onward and upward. I mean it's kind of silly to let a contest weigh down your confidence. Sure, not finaling and the judges' comments may sting, but I'm thinking authors have the tougher side of the negativity coin. They have twice as many people reading their work and worse-- have reviews and comments being published for all to see.

Ding-ding-ding!! When it comes to having a harder time of things, I think having three judges boo-boo the first 7 pages of your WIP is a walk in the park compared to Amazon Reviews! LOL

I got a little behind schedule due to a busy weekend, but I'm planning to get caught up by next week. Sheesh! It's amazing how quickly being a head of schedule just fades away like footprints on the sand when faced with the hide tide of life!

What about you . . . How do you bounce back from contests or rejection letters? For any authors stopping by, how do you deal w/ bad reviews or negative comments about your books?


Helen Hardt said...

Sarah, we've all been there! The same year I had three finals in one contest, I didn't final in another and got some crummy feedback. Just proves that it's all subjective -- what one loves, another may hate. That's life in this business. As for unflattering reviews, I solved that problem long ago -- I don't read reviews at all! Luckily I have some good friends who alert me when the good ones come out :).

Don't take it to heart. Easy for me to say, huh? While we writers may be blessed with creative talent, we also seem to be cursed with unbelievably thin skin. The two don't go real well together, but they do need to co-exist. Without the thin skin, we wouldn't feel, and without feeling, we absolutely cannot write.

Sarah Simas said...

Aw, thanks, Helen!! :)

I'm learning as I go and well, this last year has been a whirl of study sessions. LOL

Thanks for swinging by! I need to pop over to your blog and see who the man candy is this week. :)