Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Scandalous With Christie Kelley!!

Oh-la-la-la!! We're tripping the life fantastic, TLN'ers!

No need to fetch a fichu or a chaperone, because we're going to be beyond the pale today!

That's right! CHRISTIE KELLEY is here dishing up the latest on her new release SCANDAL OF THE SEASON.

If you've got a sweet spot for Regencies, you've ventured to the "write" place! Take off those kid gloves, let loose your locks from that stifling coiffure, and get ready to have the time of your life.

I have just one tiny question: Where are all the dashing rakes??!!

1)If you were a book, what would your blurb be?

This page intentionally left blank.

Seriously, I can’t describe myself as a back cover blurb because no one would buy it!

All right, let me take a whack at this:

Boring mother of two boys suddenly decides to become a writer after being laid off from her job in technology. After a six year struggle to become published, she finals in the RWA Golden Heart Contest and signs with an agent. Another year of effort and she finally gets the call from Kensington. With a fourth book out in October and another in June, her Spinster Club Series will be complete. What will she do next?

2)Using three words, describe your voice.


3)Novice Writer to Published Author: How has your writing grown?

Tremendously…at least I hope so. I would hate to go back and look at my first few manuscripts. I’m sure they were awful. When I first started, I had no clue about anything in regards to writing. I was a business major in college. I never wrote fiction until I sat down to write that first book. I joined Romance Writers of America, a wonderful critique group, and learned so much. With all the assistance I received from other aspiring authors and published authors, I was able to learn about GMC (goal, motivation and conflict), the importance of point of view and how to plot.

4)As an avid Regency romance reader, I find novels based in that era have a distinct flavor that separates them from other romances. What would you say a true Regency romance needs to contain?

I love all the aspects of the Regency romance. That time was a return to innocence from the decadent Georgian period of the previous decades. It’s a fascinating period. Everything happens so quickly today that we forget how slowly time moved back then. It could take days or weeks for a letter to be delivered. It would take days (or longer) to get from London to the country estate. All these things play into the fascination with the Regency period.

I do like accuracy in Regency novels but I’m tolerant of the poetic license needed to tell a great story. For me, a Regency romance needs more than just the description of the clothing and houses. I think the author has to understand the period more. That way when the hero or heroine does something out of the norm for that time period, they have (or should have) a good reason for their actions.

(Loved this answer! I couldn't wait to see what you were gonna say. Definitely worth the wait!)

5)You've got a very tasty back list and a new release destined for bookshelves. Please, tell us: What have you learned since writing your first novel?

For me, it comes down to motivation. Characters really need a good reason for what they're doing throughout the story. While at times, I still struggle with motivation for my characters, I know how important it is to the story. I love giving my story to one of my critique partners because if I’m having motivation issues, I’ll see “Why?” written all over the chapters.

6) What's up next for you? Give us the juicy gossip!!

As you know, Scandal of the Season is out on October 7th. Then the series wraps up in June 2011 with One Night Scandal. Right now, I’m busy writing another proposal for a Regency series.

Here is the backcover blurb for SCANDAL OF THE SEASON:
For ten years, Anthony Westfield, Viscount Somerton, hasn’t been able to forget the woman with whom he spent one scandalous night. When their paths cross again, he’s shocked to discover Victoria Seaton is an accomplished pickpocket. But Somerton leads a double life of his own. Working on an undercover assignment, he makes Victoria a proposition: pretend to be his mistress or risk ruin. Yet soon he’s tempted to turn their charade into reality—and surrender to an explosive passion…

Victoria can’t believe the man who almost destroyed her life a decade ago is now threatening to unravel her secrets. But posing as his mistress at a holiday country party is a game she can play well. For just one look into Somerton’s eyes still weakens her with lust. And with Christmas fast approaching, every kiss they share under the mistletoe only makes Victoria fall more deeply in love…

Scandal of the Season is the fourth book in the Spinster Club series. The Spinster Club series revolves around the lives of five Regency women who have all made up their minds not to marry. But one of the women is playing matchmaker without the others noticing.

Thank you so much for having me today! I had a great time And if anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

PRIZE ALERT: Christie is offering a copy of Scandal of the Season to ONE lucky commenter!!!

I'm so thankful Christie could work us into her schedule! I'm dying to get my hands on SCANDAL OF THE SEASON. I've got it earmarked as my "treat" for finishing my MS. Talk about motivation! ;) If you'd like to know more about Christie Kelley and her books, please head on over to her website.

(psst, be sure to check out SOMETHING SCANDALOUS. I adored Elizabeth and William's story.)

THANK YOU, TLN'ers! Here's hoping your weekend is awesome! Heard this song the other day and thought it sounded just like a romance novel. (*gasp* Imagine that?!) Hope you think so, too. Give a listen to
TAYLOR SWIFT's MINE. Take care and we'll see ya back on Monday for a yummy Pork Chop recipe you have to try!


Andrea I said...

I would love to win this book. I will have to check out the earlier books in the series.

hotcha12 said...


Christie Kelley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Andrea!

Christie Kelley said...

hotcha12, sorry about your downsizing. That really stinks that you only had 10 days to go to get your pension.

Thanks for coming by!

Margaret Tanner said...

Great interview Christie.I love "scandalous" Regency stories.



Christie Kelley said...

Thanks, Margaret! Glad you stopped by.

Danielle Gorman said...

Great interview. I absolutely love this series. Can't wait to read this book. I've been looking forward to it now for awhile. I just love the sparks between the two characters.

Christie Kelley said...

Thanks, Danielle. I'm so glad you're loving the series.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Christie and Sarah!
(Aunty swings by from the Bandit Lair)
FUN interview, Ladies! Except I must protest Christie's own back cover blurb. She is NEVER boring! And her work is fabulous, definitely lives up to the beautiful covers.

Christie, I can't wait to see what new proposal you come up with next.


Christie Kelley said...

Thanks, AC!!! So glad you could pop over from the Romance Bandits so say hello.

This proposal is killing me!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Nice interview! Christie, congrats on your new release. And good luck on the proposal. May the words flow effortlessly. :)

Christie Kelley said...

Hi Trish! Thanks for coming by!

From your PC to God's ears! This proposal is far from effortless.

Okay, I'm going back to it for a while.

Janet Mullany said...

Hi, I'm one of Christie's critique partners and I'm just dropping by to say hi! I'm looking forward to the new one, Christie. (Don't include me in the drawing, since I believe I'll be getting one anyway!).

Christie Kelley said...

Thanks for stopping by, Janet! I'll bring you one tomorrow. We'll both be at the Baltimore Book Festival in anyone lives nearby! We'll be at the Maryland Romance Writer's booth.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Christie! Just swinging by to say congrats on the release of Scandal. People really have a treat in store!

Hi Sarah!!! Always lovely to talk to you! Hope everything is going well. Great interview!

Sarah Simas said...

Just got home from Teddy Bear Picnic at my daughter's Kindergarten class. What a treat to see such a swanky crowd has stopped by to say HI! I love it! ;)

HI Andrea and Hotcha,
Thanks for joining in the fun! I'm so glad you like Christie's books. The first one I read was Something Scandalous and I was hooked. I just adored Elizabeth. She's my kind of heroine: plucky and full of determination.

Christie Kelley said...

Thanks, Anna! Always great to "see" you!

Sarah Simas said...

Margaret! So nice to see you! It's gonna be a blast having you back in the TLN Hot Seat next month. :)

Hi Danielle!
Thanks for visiting! I adore the series, too. Spinsters make such fun heroines. They're quirky and give the rakes a sure-fire run for their money. Definitely my kind of gals!

Sarah Simas said...

Aunt Cindy!!
So lovely to see you! Hope you Banditas aren't partying to hard on this Friday. *wink wink* Although, I could definitely use a mock-tail from one of the cabana boys. LOL

I agree with you about Christie's covers. They're divine! I'm such a cover lover. I adore the vintage style- circa Johanna Lindsey's 80's and early 90's. Christie's covers are certainly every bit as alluring!

Hi Trish!
I'm with you- I can't wait to see what savory treat Christie is cooking up. Very exciting stuff! Hmmm, makes me think I need to have a segment revolving around the how-to's of writing a proposal. LOL The topic certainly perks my interest. :)

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Janet! A book festival sounds like a load of fun! My area is hosting one the first week of October and sadly, there are only a few romance authors going. I bet the one you gals are attending is brimming with romancers! Makes me wish I would tweak my nose like Samantha and pop over to your neck of the woods!

I think it's awesome that you're Christie's CP! How fun!! My CP's and I are all unpubbed, but one day I know I'll have a shelf just for them. ;)

Sarah Simas said...

AHHH!!! Another of my fav Regency ladies! Be still my heart!

Everything is peachy-keen here now that the weather is cooling down. LOL I was definitely one "hot mama". I scored a super cool treat the other day. My peep, Kim in Hawaii, sent me UNTOUCHED- I won it off her blog SOS America. I've been wanting to read that one for ages. LOL I jumped it to the top of my TBR list. *wink wink* I'm so glad to see you! ((hugs!))

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Sarah, how cool about Untouched! Kim does such a fabulous job with her SOS America charity, I love to support her. I gave her a stack of books when we were in Denver and Orlando together. Hope you enjoy Matthew and Grace's story!

Christie Kelley said...

Sarah, when my critique group started we were all unpublished. Now we're all published. Getting in with a good group is so important!

Christie Kelley said...

Sarah, thanks so much for having me today. I had a great time. But I'm an East Coast girl and it's 8pm here so I'm done for the day.

Besides, it's almost time to watch Supernatural!!!

Sarah Simas said...

Ain't that the truth, Anna! I adore Kim. She does a fab job. I'm hoping to hang out with her at RT when it's in Los Angeles next year.

Hope you're rested up after all your travels. Sheesh! You must have oodles of flyer miles after this summer's jaunts. :)

Sarah Simas said...

Thank you so much, Christie! I appreciate you letting me interview you. I'll be chomping at the bit for SCANDAL OF THE SEASON's release. LOL Book releases are about the only time I go running to the stores.

Hope you enjoy Supernatural. LOL I had to stop watching the show after an episode gave me nightmares. Shhh! It will be our secret that I'm a big ole chicken! ;)

I'll leave our interview up until Sunday night. Check back any time you like!

kimmyl said...

Thanks for the great interview and Congrats on the new release. I so want to have this book. Please enter me in the giveaway.

Christie Kelley said...

Sarah, there was only one episode of Supernatural that I couldn't watch. It involved bugs. After about 5 minutes, I turned it off.

Christie Kelley said...

Hi Kimmy, thanks for stopping by!

Nancy said...

Sarah, your blog looks beautiful. Thanks for having Christie.

Christie, I can't wait to read this book.