Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pics of My Little WIP!!

Happy Thursday! Is your week being kind to you? I sure hope so! The weather here in Central California is beautiful and it looks like Fall is on the way. YAY!

Last night, my hubby and I had 3D pics taken of the baby. We had an entourage with us. Our daughter (4.5yrs) and our son (3yrs) tagged along to see pics of their little SISTER!

Yep, baby #3 is a GIRL! Our daughter is so excited while our son is convinced the baby is a boy. LOL He wants a brother and in his mind there is a baby brother in there for him, too. I just keep saying, "Well, we'll see what mommy and daddy bring home from the hospital." (For the record, there is only one baby even though my tummy doesn't look that way.)

We're still in discussions on baby names. I prefer to use family names since the other two kids have been tortured with them, too. Hey, fair is fair, right?!

My due date is still set for 12/30, which suits me fine. I'll be getting to feast on all the good stuff, guilt-free, during the holidays!! YES! Of course, on Monday, I should be getting the results of my 3 hour Glucose test which could put the brakes on my yummy holiday treats. *gasp*

Hope you have a great day and we'll catch ya back tomorrow for CHRISTIE KELLEY and a giveaway!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

Big congrats on your new little girl! Very exciting. 3rd babies are the easy ones - they have to're too busy with the others to pamper them like you want.

Technology has come a long way in the few short years since I had my kids. Very cool pic.

Sarah Simas said...

HI Elisabeth!!

I'm sure hoping that she'll be an easy baby. I'm having a devil of a time keeping up with my two let alone a baby in three months. EEK! I'm usually looking for a bed by 8:30pm. I kind of miss being able to stay up. LOL

I love getting the 3D pics. In the five years since my daughter was born, they've improved the pic quality and size. Thanks for stopping by! I'm always thrilled to see you!! :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Huge congrats on your little girl! How exciting! :) Any tips on how to have one? I'm dying for a little girl that I can dress up but so far I've only been blessed with boys.

Sarah Simas said...

LOL Nicole! I don't know how I got the two I have. LOL Well, I do, but . . . you get the picture. ;)

Like Yo-Gabba-Gabba says, "Keep trying, keep trying, don't give up." LOL Sorry, I couldn't resist! *wink wink*