Saturday, January 14, 2012

Excuses? Hold On, I Might Just Have One . . .

Excuses are like . . . er, um, . . . eyebrows? (what did you think I was going to say? *gasp* well, what a naughty mind you have!)

Excuses are that one little household item we all have laying around the house like half-used bars of soap, college-era clothing, and magazines. We just never know when we're going to need them, right? Someday we might want to try that recipe containing overpriced and hard-to-find ingredients that So-And-So Famous Chef recommends. Or when all the baby weight is gone, who knows, that leopard print tube top might be a real stunner at the PTA meeting, right?

We hold onto and nurture excuses until they become the new norm. In some instances, excuses are a necessary evil. The kids are sick, the car broke-down, cash is tight, etc. Life happens and we just have to take the lumps. But it's when our excuses become the road block to achieving our dreams that the speed lumps turn into massive pile ups of regret and shame.

Somewhere along the way my motivation disappeared much like a bikini top during spring break. I'll be honest. If I'd really wanted to I could have eeked out the time to write last year, BUT it was EASIER to play up being busy with three kids and certainly more fun reading for pleasure than working out the problems with my MS and moving forward.

I HAVE to step over my regret and continue on my writer's journey. I'm through with excuses. I've got a GPS lock on my ambition and don't plan on a detour. Should I fall off course, as life loves to throw us hurdles, I know I've the fortitude to adapt.

I'm sure it's obvious from this and my last post that I, as a writer, am still a WIP. What about you? Do you find it easy to overlook your ambition? Rest assured you're not alone. Excuses are an addiction everyone battles. It's up to us to know whether we're being honest to ourselves.

Shakespeare said it best, "To thine own self be true." How about you? Are you keeping yourself on the straight and narrow?

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Marian Vere said...

Super cute Sarah, love the blog. Just found it, but I will be back!