About Sarah

Sarah Simas has had a love affair with romance novels since the day she snitched her mother's copy of Johanna Lindsay's Silver Angel. If she wasn't riding a horse or watching a musical, she was buried in a book. In fact, her most embarrassing moment in High School stemmed from her addiction to the written word. Yep, she learned fast that walking and reading don't mix, especially in a pole-lined hallway.

Even though delving into the complexities of the anatomy and physiology of a dairy cow was as stimulating as it sounds, she always made time for her favorite authors. It wouldn't be until the summer of 2008 that she finally succumbed to the Muse she'd held at bay and started her first MS.

Sarah Simas lives in California's bread basket, the San Joaquin Valley. Growing up in a small rural town fostered her love of all things agricultural. In 2001, she graduated CSU, Fresno with a degree in Dairy Science and married her real life hero. She's been a stay-at-home-mom since 2005 and enjoys every crazy moment of being home with three kids.