Works In Progress And More....

A Rogue's Treasure
(Formerly In Pursuit of Love)

A Regency Romance

90,000 goal

Deadline to Finish:
December 2015

Target Entry:
The Golden Heart

Blurb to be posted soon . . .

The Play List That Keeps Me Inspired:
Don't Want This Night To End- Luke Bryan
Firework- Katy Perry
Under A Violet Moon- Blackmore Nights
Down On My Knees- Trisha Yearwood
We Owned The Night- Lady Antebellum
Dancing Away With My Heart- Lady Antebellum
She's Like The Wind- Patrick Swayze
Waiting Just For You- Blackmore's Night
Just A Kiss- Lady Antebellum
Sway- Dean Martin
Here With Me- Dido

My Favorite Writing Tools:
Text Into Speech
Hand held recorder (never know when genius will strike!)
Pencils- LOTS and LOTS of super sharp pencils.
Notebooks- It's rather sad to admit how obsessed I am with the darn things.