Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review of WILD

Recently, I joined a book club. A first for me. I've never been a reader who cheats. I know what I like and that's all I read. Pretty simple. Been that way since I picked up my first romance novel. No lusty lords or lovable ladies? No shifters or Greek Gods? Well, I'll pass. Thanks, but no, thanks.

So, when I was asked to join the new club, I thought it was fine time for me to venture out of my comfort zone.  And how very apropos since the first book selected for reading just happened to be Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

I'll admit I was a little nervous to join up for the very reason of the awkwardness of having to slog my way through a book I wouldn't like.

Someone call my husband, because I'm about to admit I was wrong.

I worried over nothing. Wild was a wonderful and refreshing book. I was surprised and quickly found I couldn't put it down. It's not that the writing was whitty and gripping. There was just a straight-forward honesty coming from the author about a time in her life when she needed to find herself and be reborn. Her voice stuck a cord with me.

The first few chapters really give the reader a bald-faced view of just who the author was and buried no bones about the way she lived her life pre-Pacific Coast Trail Hike (PCT). I had to admire her ability to see her self-destructive ways and say, "I can't do this anymore."

Who hasn't been in a stage where life is incredibly hard and challenging? Everyone has. And if someone tells you they haven't, well, they're selling you a load of pooty-poo!

I really enjoyed experiencing the author's PCT journey. I am a resident Californian, born and bred, and I'd never heard of this trail. I know, right?! I must live in a vacuum! After reading of her hike, I'll admit there is a "wild" part of me that wants to see the gorgeous views and vistas she saw. One of the ladies in my book club has been to one of the points of the PCT and shared pictures of her trip . . . BREATH-TAKING!! Such majesty. *sigh* I was pea-green. Nature at its finest.

The nuts and bolts of the book are basically the author rediscovering herself along this crazy and challenging PCT. She brings the reader through her highs and lows just as if we are there trekking along with her. She's one tough lady. I don't know that I'd be able to do it alone. Hats off to her!

There's plenty of misty-eyed moments and sections that will leave a reader shaking their head, wondering "what is she thinking?", but it's all part of the process rebirth process. Wild was a perfect escape from the chaos of surviving Christmas break home with three "wild" kiddos. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. My grade: B+

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